March 4, 2014

First Day of Flats

There comes a day each year when it is finally nice enough to branch out from the oh-so-comfy, warm, stylish boot fad that consumes the entirety of my fall and winter shoe selection. A day to say "hey it's nice enough to bare some skin," even if just around the ankles.

Today was that day.
It also had to do with the outfit selection. Does anyone else have "flat pants" and "heel pants?" Maybe it is a tall-girl thing. But due to their lengths I have some pairs of pants that are for flats and some that need to be worn with heels. And yes I even call them "flat pants." Today was a dress pant "flat pant" day of all things because I had a meeting this morning I needed to dress up for. (Usually at work jeans and a biz-casual top fits the bill just fine).

So I chose my "flat pant" slacks and my cute gold toe flats to go with.
And this new gorgeous blouse I got at Macy's for $22 (originally $80!!!). I just love the flowy-ness, the pop of green and the fun almost tribal pattern stripes.
Please excuse the photo angle - I didn't have a photographer available.
However, there is a flaw however with the First Day of Flats each year... it is that my feet are unprepared. They have been bundled up in socks and boots or tennis shoes all winter and are not use to being "naked" in the flat of my choice, resulting in two things:
  1.  Blisters. Yes, even the most worn pair of flats will give me blisters the first time I wear them in a year.
  2.  Cold feet. I suffer from poor circulation as it is, take away the warmth of boots and it's a bit of a shock!

Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?

Do you have suggestions for breaking back into your flats and sandals for spring?

Are you as weird as me and have flat pants and booth pants? ;)

I'd love to hear from you! And I hope spring is popping up where you are so that you can bust out the flats too!!!

TTFN Friends!
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