March 5, 2014

Running into Motivation


Recently I have tried to get back on to the running band wagon. Now I can hardly qualify myself as a "runner" but there is something so refreshing in stepping out in the sunshine and losing yourself for 20-30 minutes. Clearing the mind, gasping for breath and feeling like you accomplished something.
Cute running shoes help of course. Then you can kick 'em up after and admire.

Yesterday marked my 3rd run so far outside, now that the weather has become tolerable beautiful in between the rainy March days. It was the first run that felt good. Let's all be honest, the first couple runs feel like you are having a heart attack and your legs are on fire, or at least that is my experience.

I'm not saying this time around was a walk in the park, but I noticed I could run farther before I needed to stop and walk, and a couple times I hit that "pace" where I felt like a well-oiled running machine!

Gunner also loves these runs. He's my designated running buddy, although his multiple stops to lift a leg may lose him that role if it continues.
Running makes for a happy dog.

So trying to run again is all well and good, but it probably doesn't mean a whole lot right? Well today I stumbled upon a really awesome info-graphic from Mizuno, courtesy of one of the blogs I follow Eat, Run, Repeat.

It surrounded one idea - What If Everybody Ran? The outcome? A BETTER WORLD

Check it out: What if Everyone Ran

Or for a quick recap here are some of the awesome things that would happen (along with better sleep, brain function, earning potential, less cigarettes smoked, and more great-grandmothers etc):

63 MILLION HAPPIER DOGS - Yay for my running buddy!

7 BILLION MORE HOURS SPENT OUTSIDE - well at least in the warmer climates :)

Sign me up for all of the above! If this is what more running leads to, I want to go there.

So glad I found this at the cusp of starting my running journey this year. Hopefully I will have an update for you soon on if I have been able to keep it up!

Cheers! And go for a run!

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