April 24, 2014

So, just because...

I wasn’t going to do a post today, because I’m working on an awesome Fitness Friday post to hit you tomorrow. However, both Holly and Allie posted this little survey gem and it got my boredom’s attention as something to write about/fill time today.

Thinking: How glad I am I don’t have to be at work tomorrow. I am taking the day off to spend time a with a friend who is coming to visit. Work is so slow these days – I dread the idea of being here all Friday with not a lot to do…

Wearing:  American Eagle skinny jeans, leopard print flats, maroon and pink striped ¾ sleeve shirt from LOFT and a gold statement necklace.

Watching: My computer screen? I guess watching as things slowly get checked off the list here at work. Ahhhh that feels good.

Wanting: To not go to the gym today at lunch. But I must!

Liking: The banana bread I made last week for James per his request. Then because it got deformed due to some batter spillage, he will not eat it. Thus the loaf is all mine, and oh so good! Recipe here via Pinterest

Loving: The homemade pesto I made last night! It was such a Pinterest success! Recipe here from you know where...
Actual shot of my pesto - in an old pickle jar, don't judge it's all I had.

(wow both those were about food, it must be getting close to lunch)

Testing: The new shorter hair. Guess it isn’t testing, I chopped it a few weeks ago and I am still adjusting. The new “go-to” style is half up. It looks so much more clean cut with the shorter hair, though the new style undoubtedly looks best curled (which is too much work come on!)

Laughing: TBD, lots of laughs to come this weekend with my friend Whitney. I CANNOT WAIT for her to get here!

Want to join in? I’d love to hear your responses!
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