April 25, 2014

Fitness Friday - Leg Day Workout

Happy Friday Friends! I am enjoying the day off so I can spend it with my friend Whitney who came to visit from Kennewick, Washington. So excited to have her here!

That being said - I still can't miss my second Fitness Friday!

Today I want to share with you one of my go-to "Leg Day" routines**

Before I do so I need to fill you in a little on my gym habits, so you have an understanding of the mindset I have to have when I go to the gym.

I go to the gym on my lunch hour. That's ONE hour, AND I have to factor in drive time to and from the gym, changing my clothes, a quick shower, and changing back into my work wear. Yeah - that is a lot. What it leaves is about 30-35 minutes of actual gym time.

That means EVERY SECOND COUNTS.  Here are a few of my rules to make a short work out time like mine count:
  1. Do not waste too much time on cardio. A 5-7 minute warm up is all you need. (I don't like doing cardio at the gym - but a post on that to come)
  2. Instead of taking breaks between sets, alternate with another exercise.
  3. Do not take more than 30 seconds rest at any time (keep that heart pumping!) 
**Disclaimer: I am not a professional trainer nor do I have background in exercise science. The workout below is something I created with my personal knowledge of workout plans from years as an athlete and some sessions with trainers. This type of fast pace, targeted work out gets results for me but may not be best for everyone.

LEG (and core) DAY!**

Warm up: 7 minute tread mill interval warm up at level 1 incline. Adjust settings per your own stride and ability.

1 min walk – 3.5 speed
1 min run – 8.5 speed
1 min walk – 3.5 speed
1 min run – 8.5 speed
1 min walk – 3.5 speed
1 min run – 8.5 speed
1 walk – 3.5 speed

First Set(s) -  Alternating between  walking lunges with bicep curl and Swiss Ball V-up transfers. THREE SETS of each.

 - 20 per set Lunges - I prefer walking lunges. I do 10 forward, and then 10 backward (which hits different muscles) both with 8 lb dumbbells. Tutorial (because I'm not a pro) HERE.
 - 10 per set Swiss Ball V-up transfers - Tutorial HERE.





Second Set(s) -  Alternating between Weighted Squats and Wood Chops. THREE SETS of each. 

 - 10 per set Weighted Squats (I do around 115 lbs, but adjust to your strength) -  Tutorial HERE.
 - 10 each side per set Wood Chops (I used 10 lbs weight) - Tutorial HERE.




Final "Burn Out" set - Fire Hydrants, as many as you can do - I did about 30 each side.

Tutorial HERE.

It doesn't seem like a lot written out like that - but 48 hours after this work out, you'll be feeling it!

Here's my week in review:
MONDAY: Gym at lunch hour – Leg (and core) Day!
TUESDAY: Gym at lunch hour – Arms and Back
WEDNESDAY: Walked the dog
THURSDAY: Gym at lunch hour – Legs and Core
FRIDAY: Rest and play with Whitney!
WEEKEND GOALS: Hike Tablerock with Whitney. Drink plenty of water.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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