April 21, 2014

Tye-dye Egg Tutorial and Easter Weekend

Hi y'all. Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!
Easter is my FAVORITE holiday. I know, weird. Something about the combination of spring time, egg hunting, quality family time and a lot of chocolate - it just resonates with me.
This year was the first time in 26 years I have not hunted eggs on Easter (devastating). My little sister is now away at college so there is no one to hunt eggs with, and I have finally graduated from the extended family hunt with all my little cousins. However, I did get to enjoy the hunt as a spectator! 
Aren't my little cousins cute!?
 Ok back to business.
Saturday I took a little "me" time and dyed Easter eggs. I was dying to try this tutorial I found on Pinterest!
What you will need:
Hard boiled eggs
1 can shaving cream
Multiple shallow dishes
Food coloring
Lots of paper towels
Something to protect your table (I used wax paper)
Set up your dying space and fill shallow containers with a layer of shaving cream. I did 3 different colors/containers.
Drip drops of 2-4 colors of food coloring in each dish. Use a tooth pick to swirl colors together. Then take each egg and "roll" it through the shaving cream till covered.
Leave shaving cream on egg and set aside to dry.

Wait 5-10 mitues (I recommend at least 10!) and then wipe shaving cream off eggs with a paper towel or clean cloth.
Viola! Tie-dyed eggs! The did not come out as bright as I would have liked so here are some tips that might help if you try this: 1) Yellow/bright green do not show up very well, either avoid, or use extra food coloring of these colors. 2) The more color the better  - don't skimp on how many drops you use!
Next year i might go back to the good ol' kit and vinegar method. What is your favorite way to color your Easter eggs??!
Hope you had a blessed and sunny Easter!
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