April 18, 2014

Fitness Friday

Welcome to my inaugural Fitness Friday post!
Today I actually come to you with a fitness fail - I got to the gym today on my lunch hour, began to change into my workout clothes, and realized I was short a towel. Thus making my work out a no-go. Sorry, but if I can't shower or at least rinse off after a lunch hour work out, there is no way I can go back to work. It would be one hot sweaty mess. And no towel makes it hard to shower, unless I want to stroll around in my birthday suit in the locker room, which is out of the question.
However - there were some great successes in this trip although the lack of work out. 1) I was able to fill up on gas on the way to the gym and 2) I thought up this weekly Fitness Friday idea for my blog on the way!
So here's how it is going to work. Each Friday I am going to do a post focused on my fitness goals and accomplishments. I will review what I have (and haven't) done for working out in the week, and a long with it share one of my favorite work outs of the week or fitness wisdom I may have learned.
(examples: leg day, what to eat before & after your work out, gym clothes favs)
The win-win of this? I hold my self accountable, and you can learn some great fitness tips - heck if I stay with it I may even host a fitness challenge to get everyone participating!
Plus I would LOVE to get some feedback and hear about your fitness journey!

Here's the week in review:
MONDAY: Gym at lunch hour - arms/upper body
TUESDAY: 2 mile walk - with the dog
WEDNESDAY: Gym at lunch hour - legs AND volleyball game that evening
THURSDAY: Rest day
FRIDAY: I will go on a run tonight for lack of gym time at lunch.
WEEKEND GOALS: At least one run. One session core at home. Drink more water!

Check in next week and I will have some oh-so-awesome fitness knowlege to share with you!

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend! TTFN!
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