April 9, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've been a bad blogger. Yet another week has passed since my last post.

So without further ado, here's What I'm Loving this Wednesday!

I'm loving my Alma mater. This weekend I visited the University of Idaho to visit my little sister Lise, tagging along with my mom for Mom's Weekend. There's something about spring time in Moscow - it just makes my heart long for those college days. It was beautiful and I was reminiscent. You truly don't appreciate things until they are gone, or in this case, over... Why didn't I double major and spend a few more sweet years up there?
Our amazing Administration Building at the University of Idaho

I am loving that SPRING has finally sprung. Hello 65+ degrees, I have been missing you oh so much! We even will have some days in the 70s - for which I will be cooped up in the office for, oh the pain!

I am loving that GOT (that's Game of Thrones) season 4 is finally here! The premiere was Sunday night, and James and I spent it cuddled up on the couch. Now I am already DYING for next week's episode! Hurry up Sunday!

Lastly - I am excited to be "back on" the wagon. After a few week hiatus (Chicago, birthday week, and Mom's weekend), I am trying to get back on track eating healthy and exercising daily.
I even pooped Gunner out on our run Monday afternoon. This was his way of telling me he was too tired to go on...

I am excited to keep you posted on my health kick journey - may it be long and prosperous!

TTFN Friends!
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