May 22, 2014

Dollar Store STEAL!

I had a remarkable discovery at the Dollar Tree yesterday afternoon.
Have you ever heard of or used Sally Hansen Salon Effects?
Because they WERE ONLY A DOLLAR!
both these varieties were there!
Sure, they only had the varieties I assumed were discontinued but some of the ones they had are still available at retailers like Target for $8.59 - $10.59! A pop!!!!
The designs/colors they did have were brown, black, giraffe print, leopard print, neon green and only one, but totally awesome, black and white tribal print.
The best part of this whole story is that I had debated on going to the nail salon and getting a mani-pedi that afternoon. I had gotten off work early and it seemed like a good time to do it. I just couldn't justify dropping $40 on getting my nails done (this girl is poor at the moment). 
So it was destiny when I found these bad boys for only $1!
If you haven't used these, let me give you a little run down. They are stick on polish. Sounds weird, I know. The kit has everything you need, plenty of strips of polish in different sizes to fit all your nails, a shaping tool and a buffer/file tool. The directions are straight forward, and they are fairly easy to apply. If you do the application correctly and top with top coat, these last FOREVER. Ok, really just two weeks, with  no chipping, but that is pretty dang good.
Can I let you in on a little secret? You can get TWO applications from one kit if you use both ends of the strip, one end on each of the corresponding fingers on each hand. So really I paid $.50 for each application. Ohhhhh yeaaaahhhh. That's feels good.
*please note I said they last that long IF APPLIED CORRECTLY. If you do not get the strips applied well they won't last that long.
So once I got home I immediately had to give my dollar store selection a try and I came up with this awesome combo.
I know it is a little bright, but hey it's summer time!
I plan to scope out the other Dollar Trees in the area to see if they have other colors and varieties. Seriously an amazing score!
Have you used Sally Hansen Salon Effects before? Go get yourself some. For $1!!!
TTFN Friends,
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  1. The dollar store is the best- sometimes I'm SHOCKED at the items in there. Nice find!


  2. Fun combination. I suck at doing my nails. :(