May 21, 2014

Pollen: When Flowers Can't Keep it in their Plants

I have decided to take a little hiatus from WILW. Sorry folks, I'm bored with it. So "poof" it's gone for the time being. Let's go on a little rant this Wednesday instead mmmmk?

Here's what's decided to show up and slap me in the face: SPRING

Ok, so pollen, to be more exact, but you get the picture.
Seriously though. If I spend any surmountable time outside (which I do a lot of this time of year), or drive with my windows down, or sleep with my window open, the result is one snotty, runny, sneezing, puffy eyed mess.

Saturday night 4 AM Sunday this past week I woke up to what I'm calling a "nose explosion," though it was probably more similar to flash flooding. My nose was running, A LOT. I did the usual, blew it, adjusted how I was sleeping. I'd prop my head have it drain down my throat, which I could feel. I'd lay flatter and to the side... then it would come dripping out the front and down my face.

No matter how I positioned myself I couldn't escape the snot. Nor sleep.

I finally had to get up, shoot up some Afrin, blow my nose a couple million more times and play with the kitten a bit before it was finally under control about an hour and half later. So much for a good night's sleep.
Yesterday I almost called into work because I had a similar nose flood that morning.

The worst part of it all is I remember as a kid this DID NOT HAPPEN. Why as you get older does mother nature decide that now you must suffer? You must now have an adverse reaction to plants' reproductive dust and it only seems to get worse each year?!
It truly sucks because spring is my favorite time of year. So I'll keep popping pills and whining and moaning because no one deserves this. F-U pollen.

Alright, rant complete for the time being. Anyone suffering along with me?


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  1. It's the worst! I totally agree. The weirdest part is that I never had allergies until last year. Just more proof that it totally sucks getting older!

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