May 30, 2014

Where is high school me? She needs to come kick my ass.

I was really hoping to have my new blog design up today so I could do a ‘surprise, check out my new design’ post instead of a Fitness Friday one. But OBVIOUSLY that didn’t happen.

Where is high school me? She needs to come kick my ass.

When I was in high school I was the fittest I have ever been in my life. Most women can state the same thing, and surely we all pine for that little body we had back then, even though at the time we thought we were fat (HA!).

But when I say high school me was fit, I don’t just mean a skinny mini that could eat whatever she wanted and never gained a pound. I’ve never been that girl.

In junior high I was a chubby awkward mess. The summer that I headed into high school I decided to change myself. Whether I knew that or not. My guess is it was because of the dreaded spandex I was going to have to wear for high school volleyball, or a boy crush, honestly I can’t really pin point the exact reason.

All I know is that she (high school me) was fierce about it. Weightlifting class and 2-3 hour practice (softball or volleyball) was never enough and she would go to the gym almost every night afterwards. 

I mean damn, that’s motivation.

She would do things like only eat a cucumber for lunch. I’m not advocating that by any means, but WHERE THE HELL DID THAT SELF CONTROL GO?!

Over the course of that first year of high school she lost a lot of weight. Mom even threatened to send her to the doctor at one point because of her weight (or lack there of).

Again – I know some of the things I did to be skinny and pretty in high school were not the healthiest or best practices. I also know that I will NEVER EVER have that body again. My body has matured, my responsibilities have increased and there are just never enough hours in the day.

All I want is for her to come to the present and teach my fat ass a lesson. Stand next to me so I can see the 50+ pounds I’ve put back on since then. Motivate me to be better, stronger and to want it more. High school me was a bad ass. The sad part? I had no clue back then. None at all. My high school career could have been very different if I was a little less insecure and a lot more adventurous.

But my high school regrets are for a different post some time.

Anyways, for this Fitness Friday I am digging into the past, reaching, striving, begging for that past motivation to come back to me. For high school me to show up and give me a good slap across the face for letting her body get this way.

So can somebody get on that time machine thing please?

Alright that’s my rant for the week.

Tonight we’re off to Sun Valley for a bar-golf tournament. Probably not the sort of thing high school me would approve of. But hey – I need a drink after all that.

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