June 2, 2014

An all 'Merican weekend

I had a pretty epic weekend. It was full of good friends, costumes and lots of drinks. Best combination ever.
Friday night we headed up to Ketchum Idaho (Sun Valley), so that we could play in the Ketchum Wide Open on Saturday. It was a beautiful drive.
The Wide Open is a fundraiser event put on by the local bars and restaurants. Each location sets up their own miniature golf hole and teams parade around town taking their turn at each. Drink specials are also provided and if consumed you got to take a -1 on your score for that hole (which I needed every time).
This putt was a hole in one!

We started early Saturday morning, cooking breakfast, toasting with mimosas and getting our costumes ready - Team 'Merica F--- yeah!
Teams were encouraged to dress up and this "theme" idea seemed to work well for such a big group of us. The actual golfing was done in teams of two, but we traveled as a group.

At this bar it was tradition to "kiss the moose," Tori and I went up together and it looks kind like were kissing each other...oops!

So much fun was had, and too many beverages.
I can't wait to make this trip again next year. Next time around I'll plan to take Monday off, because I need one more day to sleep and get caught up on all the cleaning and meal prep that didn't happen this weekend.
Hope you had a wonderful summer weekend too!
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