June 5, 2014

2014 Summer Goals

Payette Lake
Many of the blogs I follow have been into goal lists lately. I like love lists, and I probably should get better at setting goals so I thought I better get on it.

Lots of the other lists were just for June or a Summer “to do” list, but I think goals makes it more serious don’t you?

Alright – these are thing things I want to will accomplish this summer:

{ Completely clean out/binge/organize my closet

{ Donate the huge tub of shoes in the garage and get them to Karissa

{ Make it to the gym or have a solid workout FOUR days a week

{ Go to at least one “Movie under the stars” at the Botanical Gardens

{ Cut out soda completely. No more Sonic happy hour. Probably will be the hardest!

{ Meal prep lunches every Sunday unless I am out of town

{ Go to least one place I’ve never gone before (4th of July at Flathead Lake should nail this one!)

{ Take better care of my yard/flower beds

{ Take Gunner swimming and actually get him to swim

{ Have a blog giveaway!

{ Participate in a blog link up at least once a week

{ Get my new blog design up (it was supposed to take 5-7 days with my designer, we’re on day 24)

{ Get at least one manicure/pedicure (good thing I have a gift certificate!)

{ Go boating at least once and get my wake surf on

{ NOT get a single sunburn

{ Be at a point where I have to get my bridesmaid dress I purchased in February taken in for Hillary's October wedding  (I know that is fall, but getting to that point will take work over the summer!)

Whoa – that got a little out of hand. The sad thing is I could easily list 10 more. Probably shouldn’t do that for my sanity's sake.

What are your goals for this summer?



  1. I've slowly been purging my closet of the items I don't wear. Getting rid of so many college outfits I'll probably never wear again.

    One of my goals is to open a new Etsy shop, selling handmade leather accessories. Just need to finish the logo. :)

  2. If I had a Sonic near me I would be adding 'visit Sonic once per week' to my list, instead of cutting it out! haha. I LOVE the idea of a blog giveaway! I kind of forgot to focus on my blog during my Summer Bucket List. Whooops!