June 4, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Vodka and Soda
Let's get on with it. It's been one of those weekends/weeks already. Go over and link up with Kathy and Vodka and Soda too!
This week's confessions include:

~  I have white heads on my face in places I've never had white heads (like near my eyes) and I'm PISSED. Not sure if it's stress or sunscreen induced but it's not cool. I usually have decent skin so when something like this pops up, it's noticeable. Other sites on said face are also having difficulty. Need to do an aspirin mask stat!

~ I totally forgot to pick up my BC and the pharmacy on Sunday and I didn't start my new pack till Tuesday evening (which was supposed to happen Sunday morning) so I am afraid there will be all sorts of consequences. Please let none of those consequences show up in 9 months if you know what I mean...

~ I ate like crap the past week or so. So much for my "healthy" May. June is not off to a good start either. I just really need to get it together. Ugh.

~ I took Gunner to volleyball at the park on Monday and he barked his head off every time I left him to actually go play. And EVERYONE and their mom was making snide comments like "who's dog is that?" Seriously if barking is a huge deal to you I'm sorry, but he's just really really attached OK? What really pissed me off is that after a few times of yelling his name across the field to get him to stop barking other people thought it was OK to do so as well. Go yell at your own f---ing dog. You have no right to yell at mine and he surely won't listen to you if he's not listening to me.

~ I get the worst hangovers on the planet. Never used to happen in college. This getting old thing really sucks a fatty. The word hangover doesn't really do it justice. I can't move and sleeping occurs most of the day. And what really makes it extra special is the puking. I'm a special kind of puker. The kind that sounds like I'm scream-crying while simultaneously projectile vomiting in the toilet. You can hear it across the neighborhood I'm sure. Good news is there was no puking this Sunday post Ketchum Wide Open. This was mostly due to will power - knowing if I did it once it would happen 10 more times--so I refrained all together. Probably made me feel even more like shit, but whatever.

~ All my friends are growing up and moving on and it really bums me out. I lost one to Texas last year, another to teaching abroad, I have one who's headed to Chicago and one leaving for grad school in Spokane. That leaves me with about 1.5 girls left of my go-to girl group. Half because one is often times MIA. Maybe with fewer of us we can make it more of a point to get together. But the biggest confession here is that I'm jealous and sad. They are getting out of their home town, going on adventures, trying new things... and I'm here at home just trucking along. The house purchase established some serious roots here, so just packing up and moving can no longer be done on a whim. It kind of breaks my heart. This is the time in my life I need to get out there and do things--make mistakes, travel the world, live in a new place... and for now I'm tied down. Them leaving just makes it that much more apparent.

Finishing with that more serious note. 

TTFN Friends!

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  1. Oh my gosh! My new post 25 hangovers are nothing to laugh at! It is terrible. If I have more than three glasses of wine I'm stuck in bed the next day until 5 pm with an upset stomach and making sure all the lights are out and the dogs don't bark... It is insane!


  2. girl; i went to miami for a weekend of shenanigans and it took me A WHOLE WEEK to recover.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I usually don't get hangovers *knock on wood...but if you give me cheap vodka I will first, smack a bitch and then just get the biggest migraine of my life...for like the next few days or so. And think of it this way, now you'll have a reason to travel more and a place to crash when you visit your friends!! :D

  4. Grown up hangovers are the worst and last for days. It is so bad.

  5. So glad you contacted me. You are a girl after my own heart!

  6. Girl. We are literally the same person and it is not normal/maybe it is? Definitely forgot to pick up the BC this weekend and didn't realize it till after I saw the bf, yea..but I read that BC stays in your system for 3 months so its not a super big problem... but then again the bf and I use other protection as well. I'll pray for no surprise babies for ya! Also, with my hangovers I don't want to be touched, looked at, don't bring me food, don't talk to me. I don't recover till like 5 pm hahaha. ALSO also, I have a big group of friends and 2 of them who were my best friends both moved away. One moved to London for a year to get her masters, and the other moved 5 hours away. I'm strugglin hard without my girls but I am trying to focus on my other friends to make the time pass and get to know them better than I already do!

    1. Crazy how in sync we are! Good idea on trying to focus on the friends you still have - I need to do better with the ones I've lost touch with in my own town even!