June 26, 2014

98 Pairs of Shoes

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo

True life: I’m addicted to shoes

I’ve always been that girl who has a lot of shoes. It’s one of those things everyone who’s close to me knows about. It’s something those even closer to me understand is an addiction. I have a whole Pinterest board in which I pine over all things glorious in shoe land as well...

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo

My mom once told me a shoe store to me was like a bar to an alcoholic.

Here’s the thing - I can always seem to justify a shoe purchase.

First off, I don’t have expensive shoes. I don’t go to Nordstrom or Dillards to buy designer shoes, most of mine are Payless or some other discount store. The only shoes I have that are over $40 are typically my running shoes (and even those I sometimes find on clearance). So I can always justify the fact that I can have MORE shoes because I spend LESS on each pair… makes sense right? Plus, if I love a pair of shoes, I’ll wear the crap out of them – so they are worth it (evidence to follow)!

shoes make me happy
Secondly, shoes always fit. Shoes always look good. When you struggle with your weight or are big chested like me, there are lots of times clothes don’t fit or don’t look good. Shoes aren’t like that – they come in a size that will fit and they make your foot look better rather than worse (most times) unlike clothing. Going up a size in a shoe doesn’t bother me the way going up a size in a pair of jeans would.

In Her Shoes Quote
Third, shoes have personality. You can define yourself with a good pair of shoes. Maybe I’m calling myself cheap with that statement since I said I buy cheap shoes… but a cute pair of shoes says something about you. A statement color or interesting texture in a shoe adds appeal to a boring outfit. And again if nothing fits but a black top and jeans – shoes are there for you to make you feel better about yourself.

You can tell about a person by their shoes

Lastly, life is short, buy the damn shoes.
Life is short buy the shoes
By the way if you haven't tried JustFab you should - cute shoes and purses for cheap!

Ok so where am I going with all this?

I have never found a reason to justify a shoe count. I’ve always wanted to know what the total was and I finally found a reason to.

When I found out a friend was collecting shoes for a philanthropy project to help children I knew I needed to step up to the plate. I had a huge tub of shoes in the garage that hadn’t been touched since I moved in (over a year ago!) so obviously I could part with them. This was easier said than done. 

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo
Shoes to be donated
But I knew I should COUNT before I divided up the ones to be sent off. And I did.

I have had 98 pairs of shoes.
Impressive? Yes, but I was hoping I was going to break the 100 mark.

I donated 21 pairs to my friend Karissa who is collecting shoes for Dando Amor.

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo
Shoes to be donated... and Gunner's ball is in there

I sold 2 pairs to a consignment shop and I have 5 more pairs I plan to sell when they are more in season.

That leaves me with only 70 pairs left in my closet.

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo
The closet after the purge
Let me introduce you to a few pairs that got to stick around.

My two favorite pairs of sandals – note how worn these are, I get my money’s worth!

Favorite sandals
Eddy Bauer old (outlet mall) and Steve Madden Girl (Ross)

My go-to black wedges for summertime

favorite wedges
Target | similar here

My Italian leather suede heels, purchased in Florence

favorite heels
Italy - GO THERE
My favorite pair of black flats to wear to work – hello sparkly loafers
favorite flats
Bakers | similar here

My favorite pair (one of many) of tennis/running shoes
favorite tennis shoes
Discount Nike Shop | here

 I think with all this shoe purging I deserve a new pair...or two...

What do you think?

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  1. What about all the shoes in the storage garage?
    - Lise

    1. Anything that is in storage is already in my "donation" pile...

  2. Hahaha, I have about 5 pair of shoes tops and only wear 2 of them!

  3. hahaha I'm late reading this, but goodness girl! I think I own maybe 6 or 7 pairs of shoes...

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