June 27, 2014

It's a Good Day When...it's Friday

Friday's are always a good day right?
=It's A Good Day Linkup

But there are lots of things that make each and every day, a good day. So when I saw this link up, I just had to participate.

It's a good day when... 

...  I don't wake up to Ted howling at the bedroom door.

... I get my liquid eyeliner on without smearing it on my face

... I have time to make a real breakfast instead of just a smoothie

... the birds are chirping outside my window

... we go on a Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade run at work

... I get my fat ass to the gym, and work it hard!

... Gunner greets me at the door with a wagging tail

... I don't get a new scratch/bite mark from Ted

... I get kisses on my neck while I'm cooking dinner

... I have fresh cut roses from my garden in a vase

... Say Yes to the Dress is on

... I actually get to pick the movie we watch

... I laugh about something with my sister and realize how alike we actually are

... I get to spend time with my family

... I get to spend time outside doing something fun

... my favorite song comes on the radio

... I recover my long lost favorite sunglasses I left at volleyball

... I get something fun in the mail - coupons, invites, cards, presents!

... I hear from a friend I don't talk to very often

... I make it to happy hour... anywhere
or in Italy...

... it's Friday and work is almost over for the week!

And let's double your pleasure and double your fun with another link up!

The Grits Blog

 Have an amazing weekend!!!!

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  1. YAY for Fridays and roses and kisses on the neck LOL have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Brittney! Hope you had a good weekend as well - and get all these little things!

  2. great list!

    i love snail mail,too :)

    cute blog!

    happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Victoria! I know there just something about snail mail that gives me the warm fuzzies!

  3. I love this list! Spending time outside always helps make a day more special :-) And yay for cherry limeade and catching up with friends! Thanks for linking-up!

    1. Thanks for the comment Lisa and thanks for the link up! Cheers to cherry limeades and enjoying the outdoors :)