June 12, 2014

Losing my Social Media Viginity

Hey friends!
Ashley over at Rainstorms and Love Notes did a post this week reliving her social media firsts. I loved the idea, so I thought I'd go ahead and do the same.
Alright so here's how the social media cherry was popped via the following mediums~

I joined Facebook August 17, 2006, shortly after I had completed Rush at the University of Idaho and became a Kappa Kappa Gamma. I started my Facebook career adding photos from Rush and from home, had several people comment on my wall and then had my first status update on September 5, 2006. 

Robin was the first to write on my wall, back then she was still a Matsko!

First profile picture doesn't show up till December?!
Wow my life was exciting back then...
Obviously I felt the 3 page paper was worthy of stealing away my social media virginity. Although I will admit - I HAD MYSPACE. Of course I killed that page years ago so I don't have anything to show for it.

Pinterest - 13 boards, 4,047 pins and 303 followers
Oh Pinterest, how I love thee. Where were you when I was in college and needed to plan Rush outfits, date dash T-shirts and learn how to budget and eat as a college student? Thank God you showed up in time for the wedding planning of the wedding I may never have. 

Pinterest doesn't have a good record of when you started but I estimate it was June of 2012. Again, hard to judge on the pins, but I believe this was my first. And I STILL WANT THESE!

Instagram - 461 posts, 136 followers
My first Instagram photo was posted June 28, 2012. Good shot of my parents' dog. Oh how my Insta knowledge and experience has grown since then!

Technically I have two Twitter accounts. My original one was created with my college email address, which I ended up deleting and now I can't access it at all. I even contacted Twitter about it and they said there was nothing they could do. I started a new page this year when I went to the IEG conference in Chicago. 

Either way I have two first posts via Twitter!  - February 19, 2010 and March 23, 2014.

My first blog post was July 19, 2013. I actually had a lot of encouragement and reaction to this post - which was just my jumping off announcement. I can't believe its 108 posts and almost a whole year later!

 So glad I now have a real blog design, although it would have been cool if I had a screen shot of the old one. You blog and you learn...

What were your social media firsts?! I'd love to check yours out! If you do the same comment with the link below if you do.

Have a wonderful rest of your week. I'm taking my man out for his Bday dinner tonight and I'm really excited to treat him!

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  1. Ive made so many facebook accounts over the years I dont have my original one, I wish I could find it though!
    My first IG post was of college math homework haha!

  2. I'm so glad you did this post!! And I totally want those shoes you pinned - so cute!