June 11, 2014

Humpity-Hump Day Confessions

Oh looky there, we made it to hump day again. How glorious. 
Vodka and Soda

Weeks seem to be CRAWLING by these days, so to know we're half way through the week is a slight win.

Go show Kat some love at Vodka and Soda and link up so I can read all your dirty little secrets too. Mine are barely juicy but here's hoping you have a little more flare for confessions than I do.

Here we go....
:-: I confess...I ate two ah-mazing rolls yesterday. Even though I had all healthy snacks and a healthy lunch prepped and there for me at work.  I just couldn't resist their breadiness... Gah, why is bread so bad for you? I want it in and around my mouth at all times. Pasta, breadsticks, pizza and ROLLS! Guess I'll be adding those rolls to my rolls.... FAIL.

:-: I confess...I am way behind on my "where you're from" blogger swap and still haven't mailed my gift - and the last day is today. Sorry Kelly! I promise I did actually buy everything this weekend I just have failed at putting it together. Plus I want it to be cute and thought out but... that might not happen. I WILL get it in the mail though!

:-: I confess...I have not watched any of the shows a blogger should watch - or that I feel compelled to watch after reading all of your posts. Orange is the New Black? Yep haven't watched a single episode. Scandal? Nope not a second has been viewed. And there are many more I can't think of... All I have in my list of things to watch each week is Game of Thrones and SYTTD. Apparently I go against the grain when it comes to having a vagina and netflix. Maybe I should get on that though - apparently I'm really missing out.

:-: I confess...I want to throw a fit and punch a bitch at my gym. The counter bitch to be specific. See, the good ol' gym has been taking money out of my account TWO times a month instead of one, and one of those two charges is TWICE the amount of my membership. So the past two months I've had THREE times the gym bill. My gym is not worth that cost, trust me. Part of the reason I joined was the pretty $15.85 per month price tag, which I could squeeze into my budget. This $45+ crap is making me lose it. I know its not the desk bitch's fault, but really, why can they not get it figured out?

:-: I confess... It's the BF's birthday on Friday and it is driving my planner brain crazy that he won't tell me what he wants to do. Me: Do you want to have people over or a party? J:Meh. Me: Do you want me to take you out to dinner? J: Meh. Me: Do you want me to lock you in the closet and feed you cake crumbs under the door until you decide what you want to do for your birthday?! J: Meh... Seriously can you just decide what you want to do so I can plan it and be happy? Yes my happiness is taking priority on this case.

:-: I confess... I posted this picture of my cat's nuts on instagram this week. And  I think it is roll on the ground laughing status funny. Something about him spread eagle like that. Nuts bared to the world. Ripe for flicking. I can't stand it. What a weirdo.
Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Awww I love your kitty! I took a pic of mine earlier this week that I can't wait to use in a post soon! And I didn't start watching OITNB until about two weeks ago and since then, I've watched both seasons. But I don't watch any of the other shows you mention, nor do I want to!

  2. Rolls are my ultimate weakness! Bread in a basket as an appetizer? I'll take 5 baskets please. OITNB really is good. I held out for a long time, but needed a new show to watch, and it's addictive. So much better than I thought it would be! Hahaha love your cat.

  3. I always feel left out because I don't watch Real Housewives or SYTYCD. Rolls/bread are sometimes the best part of the meal!!

  4. Hey Laura!! I have not watch ANY of those shows either lol!! And dont plan on it hahaha!! Screw that!! And whaaaaatt 3x the amount charges each month?... that is so not kool. They HAVE to do something about that! And your kitty is beyonddd adorable- great photo!! XOXO


  5. I am on a diet challenge that says no bread Im literally dying LITERALLY!
    Hahaha having a vagina and netflix and binge watching LMAO

  6. i haven't watched the 2nd season yet as i just finished hannibal. omfg if you want a good series to watchm, watch that! so amazing and so creepy!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Bread is so freaking delicious, there is no way I could go without it. One word: pizza.
    This sentence: "Apparently I go against the grain when it comes to having a vagina and netflix." I laughed SO hard! I watch all of those.. and totally recommend you start watching them ;D

  8. You know what might make it even better?! I sent your package this morning!!! :)