June 10, 2014

The Joys of Living with Men (plural)

I am very lucky that I live with four men. Yes you heard me right, four, if you include the furry ones.

Truly, I do love living with each and every one of them, all for different reasons.

In case you need a quick rundown of the four;
1. James - Boyfriend of 3 + years
2. Chris - Friend of James and I, James' last roommate (yay for rent $$!)
3. Gunner - Golden Retriever and derpy love bug
4. Ted - Demon kitten with bouts of snuggliness

But for this post I want to talk about the joys of living with human men just to be clear.
Chris on the left and James on  my right
Here is the list of wonderful things living with men bring me on the day to day:

/Clothes that have been taking a little vacation in the dryer. Getting their wrinkle on, and inhibiting me from starting my own laundry.

/Protein shake mix with a permanent home on my counter top (5lb tub) #gettinghugebro

/A full clean dishwasher to be unloaded seemingly every single day

/Here a shoe, there a shoe, everywhere a man shoe

/The sight of a bro tank on every weekend, if not daily basis

 /Food that mysteriously disappears

/A pile of mail on the counter (though I'm partially guilty of this)

/Fans that get left on in the bathroom for hours - because they need to be 

/Lady visitors in the morning who I have never met, nor am offered an introduction to

/Dishes that don't seem to find their way to the sink, let alone the dishwasher

/An abundance of junk food lying around

/4:15 AM showers in the bathroom adjacent to the wall my headboard is against

/Basketball on my living room TV every evening

/Trash that waits for me to take it out most days

/Broken dining room chairs

/Male talk that is not meant to be heard by my ears

Aren't I lucky? (have you picked up on the sarcasm yet?)

What joys do you find in living with your guy?


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  1. Ha ha oh my gosh I can relate to so many of those!! I live with my other half and my cousin is living with us until we move into the house we are buying. Living with guys is an experience.