July 16, 2014

Remember when I had a life?

Remember when I had a life? Ok let me rephrase… remember when I had time to read blogs and actually blog? That ship has sailed.

This is my "shit's getting crazy" face
I’ve confessed that I do my blogging at work before. It’s really the only time of day I surrender myself to be in front of a computer, because 8 hours is more than enough in my opinion. If I have to stare at it anyway, might as well be productive (haha).

But these days something has gotten in the way. Actual work. That’s right folks its Fair month (see more about my 9 to 5) and work is nonstop phones ringing, emails, onsite walk throughs and panicking. Not really a lick of time in there for blogging.

So consider this my apology for being absent of reading, commenting and of course posting. I promise come July 28th or 29th I will return to blogger world. And if you’re lucky a few times between now and then might squeeze a rando in there too.

Until then, please know I am missing you blog world!
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  1. I only blog at work too... it gets busy sometimes totally understandable.

  2. lol, Me too. I had plenty of time at my old job. Not so much now. Lol

  3. I feel you on it being fair month, I am definitely not near as involved as you are though! Good luck ♥