July 22, 2014

Tuesday Tangent

Ok, it’s not really a tangent, more of a random ramble…

So as I mentioned in my last and distant post, it’s Fair week. I work for a county fair and when you are basically party planning for 45,000 people things get a little chaotic. No – I’m not doing it alone, but trust me it’s a trip.

It obviously has limited my blog time. More so the long hours have rendered my brain function so you get this random ass, half-assed post today.

Some things…

Apparently I am more attractive in my chubbier state. Ok I’m not quite chubby at this point, but I am at my highest weight probably ever (I blame the Fair - is that a trend yet?). However, I have gotten blatantly hit on twice this week and I honestly cannot remember getting hit on any time in the past two years so it was noticeable.

First was the 19 year old son of the nail tech when I got my nails done this weekend as some pre-fair relaxation. Apparently I look like a teenager because he had no shame. James said they probably sick him on all the ladies who get their nails done to make them feel special, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case.

Next was the cashier at the grocery store. Very questioning, especially about what I was doing this weekend. I told him about working at the Fair and he seemed very interested in driving the 25 miles out to Caldwell to attend… seemingly to see me? Awkward.
Carnival is getting set up!
Ok next…

I made some BOMB panini’s last night for dinner. That is all.


Today I had my first wardrobe malfunction of the Fair. Bleachers around this joint aren’t exactly new and if you rub your ass up against one to get in the ideal spot to snap a photo it will slice into your butt and tear your good shorts. Not my best moment.

here is the tear in my shorts - yes this is my butt cheek..

Alright, sorry that this is all for now. I PROMISE to get myself back on the every-week-day and actually meaningful post pace when Fair is over. Until then you get random, you’re welcome.

Someone drink a beer or two for me and say a little prayer. Gates open in less than 48 hours.

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  1. I bet that is a fun (and stressful) job! Sorry about your shorts that always sucks!