August 14, 2014

Fixing Myself | A New Path

 In the last few weeks of blog posts you may have noticed a trend. The trend that I’m not overly pleased with my body, eating or workout habits at this time. I can keep whining about it (which I’m good at) or I can do something about it.

I can choose to fix myself and to create a better path to the body and health I want.

Doing this for me
The best thing I can think of to hold me accountable is to blog about it (I’ve said that before, but maybe this time it will work). 

So, here are my health/weight loss goals to stick to until October 15th (when we leave for Hillary’s wedding)

-          Lose 15-20 lbs or 1-2 pant/dress sizes
I REALLY want to look good in my bridesmaid dress for the wedding and I REALLY need it to fit. I purchased it in February and I haven’t tried it on since…it could be ugly

Bridesmaid dress
Here it was in February. Props to Hillary because I love the illusion neckline and cranberry color!
-          Go to the gym/run or other solid exercise at least 4 days a week
This is where I have slacked the most over the last two months. I fell off the workout wagon hard and climbing back on is going to SUCK. But I need to get myself back in the habit and make it a habit.

-          Pack a lunch for work at least 4 days a week
This will not only be better for me, but also help me save money which is another issue I am having (we’ll save that for another day)

meal prep
I got started on this Tuesday night. Meal prepping is going to be key to success!
-          Blog one healthy recipe or tip a week
Like I said, blogging about it will make me more accountable. This space recently has grown into something I never imagined it to be – a real blog with real followers. I always thought it would be a random space to jibber on about my life but it has become so much more than that. If I can weave my lifestyle change into it, it will not only be beneficial to my health goals but also my blog. I have done a few healthy recipe posts in the past check out the links:
Avocado Turkey Burgers
Healthy Loaded Taco Bake
Kale Chips and Cauliflower Poppers
Taco Salads in a Jar

I do eat healthy quite a bit already, you can see lots of my tasty meals on Instagram!

Mango Salsa Chicken

Basamic Strawberry Bacon Salad

-          Only one “cheat” day a week.
I’m a firm believer in moderation. Changing my lifestyle greatly with all these goals is going to be hard enough, but going cold turkey is completely unreasonable. I feel like I can accomplish my goals by allowing myself to indulge (in moderation) one day a week.

-          No alcohol other than cheat days.
If you have ever given up alcohol for an extended period of time, or even just cut back greatly you know how big a difference it makes not only in your waistline but also on how you feel. Cutting back (or out completely after a couple events I have coming up) will make it so much easier to achieve these other goals.

Cutting out alcohol

-          Do it FOR ME
I need to work on myself. I need to work on loving myself. I need to do all these things for me and not because I want to look better in fashion blog posts or because I think my boyfriend would like me in better shape. It needs to be for me. For my happiness and my health. Sure it sort of revolves around looking good in a dress—but  the happiness I will feel when it slips on easy and makes me feel beautiful? That will all be for ME.

Create your own happiness

I hope you continue to join me as I make this change for myself. It will be rough. You may hear rants, you may hear me want to quit, but if I’m sharing with you it also means I’m trying. And there is no success is something you don’t even attempt.

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  1. I don't know if you are a morning person, but I find that working out in the morning before work is personally a lot better than waiting for after work. Yes, waking up at 5 and going to the gym can be tough, and sometimes I feel weak and groggy, but then when I'm done I feel SO energized and ready for the day. Plus, no matter what happens throughout the day (maybe something after work or maybe you're just too tired from the work day and all you want to do is lounge on the couch), at least you know you've already worked out for the day! (I have also been slacking REALLY badly on this! I need to get back into the gym too!)

    I decided to no longer drink alcohol Monday - Thursday (and usually no drinking on Sunday either). I do feel SO much better and energized! I've had two cheat days during last week after a crazy day, but other than that it's been awesome! I decided to stop because I am the type of person who, once I start drinking, I have a hard time stopping. My desire is to quit 100%, but I don't like telling myself that I'm not allowed to do something-- because then the rebel in me is like, "Do it!!" haha. I cut out liquor for about a month (except champagne). But now I just want to teach myself that be a better drinking -- to just enjoy one or two drinks and then stop. If this fails, then I have no choice but to quit 100% because I make unsafe decisions when I'm blacked out wasted (duh!). Anyway... sorry for my life story haha

    These are great goals and I'm positive you'll be able to stick with them! And you look gorgeous in that dress!

  2. I'm right there with you! I've been complaining about my weight/body all Summer but haven't actually done anything to fix my issues. After I get back from a weekend away for a wedding this weekend I am getting back at it on Monday - I'm MOH in my brother's wedding next Summer and want to be in the best shape EVER for it!

  3. I'm in the same boat! I kept whining about my body/how I felt until I just blogged about it, and finally did it. I started making changes a few weeks ago, and have noticed a small change, but a good change. Motivation is my weakness. I get home from work and want to do absolutely nothing. It took looking in the mirror and saying 'you wanted this change' for me to hop on my yoga mat. I'm trying not to cut too many things out as not to frustrate myself, so I rather limit things like not overeating at meals. Looks like a lot of us are in this together and that really helps!

  4. Good luck! I need to do this too, I'm really bad about the self-motivation to just do it.

  5. get it, girl! I can't wait to see the "new" you in October. I also can't wait to try your tasty recipes!

  6. You got this!

    I just reintroduced 2-3x/week exercise after WAY too many months off. It makes such a difference.

  7. These are great goals! You motivated me for the day too :)

  8. Because I work from home, I use my "workout" as a way to signify the end of my day. I go for a run (and of course love the way I feel after a run), do my stretches then take a nice long hot shower. Once I've done that, I have full license to lay on the couch and netflix all I want! It's weird but that's been the number one way I've been able to stick to my goals!

  9. Doing it for you is the best reason to do! Keep us posted on your goals!

  10. Your meal preps looks so yummy! Taco salads in a jar look so good! Good luck girl! You've got this :)