August 11, 2014

Life Update - Why is the Hair Gone?

Ok here's a little snippet from the weekend - actually a BIG snip if you ask me.
I chopped it. A lot of it. And I almost cried when I saw it all on the salon floor.
I am in a love hate relationship with it right now - I think it's cute but I'm also about to lose it because it no longer stays in ponytail and that's not really going to work for me.
You will probably get a better view of it tomorrow for my Creative Closet link up fashion shoot (haha fashion shoot, I wish). So if I get done with my board meeting early enough tonight I'll work on that showcasing the new do...
That's all for now lovelies.
What do you think? 
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  1. Cute!!!! I have chopped off my hair and donated it a couple of times and i love it short but it is harder to style,etc. i am currently in limbo of growing it out again or keep it chin-length short :)

  2. oh my god you are brave. I can't even go into the hair salon for a trim without needing a glass [or four] of wine. it looks super cute though!!

  3. Cute haircut! I did a similar haircut last year because I was so sick of my hair being a mess, but now I'm growing it out so I can do whatever hairstyle I want for my wedding next year. But after the wedding I will probably cut it back off, it's so much easier to take care of... and less shampoo!

  4. Oh! I love it! I know that "panic" feeling you're talking about but it's seriously so cute! Suits you!

  5. super cute on you! I love it!


  6. it's super cute! i'm in the same boat as you so i know what you're going through! a few weeks ago, i cut 6 inches off my hair (and it was too short for me then! )