August 11, 2014

Why a sorority was the right choice for me

Ok everyone – I know there is a stigma placed on sororities and the girls who are a part of them. I want to take this chance to push that out of your mind (if it’s there) and tell you why, if anything, sororities are THE BEST way to go through college.

This post comes to you as my baby sister heads up to college for work week and recruitment. Last year, she went through recruitment as a pledge, this year she will be welcoming new women into her chapter as a member. There is something so joyful about that to me – even though she is part of a different chapter – the fact she gets to be a part of the Greek system and experience the same things makes my heart almost burst at the seams.

So – if you have a negative connotation, are headed to school for the first time, or have a daughter who might be going soon, please read this so that you can have the correct view of what being a part of a sorority means in college.

1.       Having an instant support system
Joining a sorority means becoming part of something bigger than yourself. It also means having instant friends and an instant support system. More than just your pledge sisters, most organizations also have a “big/little” sister program which means as a new member you have an older member to guide you through the entire process. Having an older woman in the house who has been through the same experiences as you and can guide you during (probably) your first time away from home is such a blessing. But imagine that tenfold – every “sister” is there for you no matter what. Have a question? Need to borrow a dress? Need a tutor? All of the above can easily be solved by one of your sisters who is happy to help.

This is me with my little and my big

2.       Having structure
College is quite different than high school. You get to choose whether or not you show up for class, attendance is sometime taken, sometimes not, and sweatpants can be what you live in. For someone who struggles with motivation, or needs some kind of structure to make sure they don’t get in a rut, a sorority is perfect. Organizations hold you accountable for you grades, your attendance and your involvement on campus. Living with a bunch of women (or being associated with them) makes you present yourself a little better and want to represent yourself in the best way possible. Study hours enforce good study and homework habits and regular meal times keep you from living on Ramen. (Structure isn't really an issue for me, but I know for some this can make or break your college career! Oh and I did eat some Ramen - just to clear that up)

Movie nights were a good perk too..

3.       Connecting you
The Greek system is an outstanding networking platform. While in school it is the basis of a lot of friendships, heightens your leadership skills and acts as a good practice ground for the real world. After graduating, it is an invaluable connection. I have used my sorority connections to find jobs, places to stay and to meet people.  What’s more is how special it is to find out you have that connection with someone you didn’t even know – and that they are your sister from a different chapter and time. Yes, secret handshakes happen. But it is more than that. It is a network you can fall back on in times of need and a connection that you share with millions of Greek men and women throughout the world – and we like to help each other out.

Yes, we dance in the street - so? | SOURCE

4.       Honing skills
I already mentioned that the Greek system helps build leadership skills. It also teaches you responsibility, accountability and a lot about yourself. I even learned some nifty cleaning tips (use newspaper with Windex for no streaks!). Whether in a leadership position in your chapter, or learning discipline for something you probably shouldn’t have done, your sorority is there shaping you into a better woman. At my sorority we like to call it “stumbling up the front steps as a girl and walking out the back door as a woman.” College is always a transition period. In a sorority you are molded into something greater, better, stronger and more connected, all with your best friends at your side.

5.       The cliché – Friends for life
Yes, this is the one you always hear – “my sorority sisters are my best friends! “ And yes that is often the case. You bond with these women in a way you never thought possible, and some of them become your soul mates – your life mates.  I agree that you find some of your best friends in college no matter if you are in a sorority or not (I have some that weren't in my sorority). But I like thinking of how much more special it is to have them as sisters. I know super duper cliché… but as I said before it’s a different kind of bond. It’s something stronger, something infallible, something you promised yourself to – and  that makes it even more special.

Ok I’ve ranted my sorority girl rant – any questions? I’m an open book so let me know!

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  1. I agree. I was in a sorority and it was overall a great experience and I am still in touch with a lot more of my sisters than I would have ever thought. I think girls need this more even now with all of the crazy stuff going on out there!