August 19, 2014

The Creative Closet | NEON PINK

Neutrals and whites have never been my thing. You probably noticed that in last week's outfit that was supposed to be Hot White and was more of color + some white.

While black will always be my go to staple, most of what you find in my closet is COLOR.

That is why I was so excited for this week's Creative Closet prompt, Bold and Bright! 
What could be more bold, bright and sassy than NEON PINK?! Nothing really...

I am seriously in love with this dress. It is comfortable, flowy and light.

The detail in the back gives it just a little more personality (as if the color weren't enough). 

Normally I pair this dress with some cute sandals, but that didn't say BOLD to me. These strappy, sexy, zipper clad heels did. They were the perfect neutral pairing with this bold statement dress.

don't mind my unpainted toe nails please..
Want to know the best part of all this? You will never guess in a million years where I bought this dress or how much it cost me. This pink lover of mine caught my eye at Walmart of all places (yeah, don't judge). This year I have actually found a few cute reasonable pieces there! My neon pink dress only cost my $13.50. That is why you have to love Walmart, just a little.

Dress: Walmart | Shoes: Target (old)
Big thanks to Jana and Maegan for all their hard work on this amazing link up. Come join in the fun and check out what other bold and bright fashions are featured this week!

PS - I need to work on accessorizing, I'll do better next week! Also, I had to share this dress in action. This is one of my favorite photos taken this summer!

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  1. Such a cute dress! It looks amazing on you! Also - fellow Idaho gal right here. My husband I moved from Utah 3 years ago and don't think we'll go back!

  2. You look stunning! That neon pink is a really great color for your skin tone. And your shoes finish the outfit perfectly. It's amazing how Walmart can sometimes surprise you with little hidden gems of clothing, right? :)

  3. This pink is perfect on you! And like Jana said " Your shoes finish the outfit perfectly" I completely agree! I love finding little Walmart finds, they always surprise you!

  4. What a gorgeous dress and such an amazing price! I feel like with such a bold colour it doesn't even need that much accessorizing, those shoes are the perfect match!