August 20, 2014

Total Social | Guilty Pleasures Edition

So question – am I missing the whole tip off of when cool link ups are? I feel like I find them late, then link up late, and it’s not only embarrassing (because I hate tardiness more than anything) but also is less beneficial to myself. Because who goes back later to check who else has linked up?  NO ONE. Don’t lie, you know you don’t. #GuiltyTotalSocial

Regardless, I really loved this Total Social link up this month with Venus Trapped in Mars and Helene in Between - because who doesn’t like to air out their guilty pleasure laundry? Let’s bare all and hook up with Kat too, because I can.

Venus Trapped in Mars
Vodka and Soda

Ok Laura’s guilty pleasures:

1. Diet Coke/Coke Zero. I don't drink coffee (unless in desperation) so Coke is my drug of choice and my only source of caffeine. I've been trying to cut it out completely but....

2. Wedding Shows. No, I am not the psycho who has her whole wedding planned. I just LOVE everything bridal. I really think it is the drama mixed with the pure bliss/high of getting married. I just love watching other people go through that.

Seriously though, this is me...

3. Taking pictures of my pets. All day every day.

4. Online shopping, filling up a cart, and then not buying anything. Ok I have a MAJOR online shopping addiction, but I am also on a no-spend hold right now on anything but the necessities. I still can't seem to kick the shopping though, so I get my cart all ready, pick out a ton of fab stuff (I've done this at two sites already today) and then just close the tab. I tell myself I can't afford it and I FORCE myself to close out. It's probably the most torturous thing I do to myself.

5. Pinterest. You can read more about it here.

6. Fad, young-adult book series. Harry Potter (always), Twilight, Host, Hunger Games, Divergent...please send me more suggestions.

7. Blogging. Yes. I know it sounds strange, but blogging is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I do it at work (mostly) and I feel like such a rebel. It brings so much to my life and yet I still feel like I haven't "made it" yet or that I'm not a real blogger and I do it anyway. It is my space to do whatever I want, say whatever I want and really be whatever I want. Guilty pleasure? Yeah, I think so.

TTFN friends!
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  1. hahaha, I blog at work too... i.e. right now :) I also LOVE wedding shows, including the Marriage Bootcamp one! I have to admit, I did the Advocare cleanse in May for my wedding and got rid of my diet soda addiction that way.

  2. I blog at work too!!

    And I may steal that picture of the cat with the computer. I've never seen anything more presh. And ps. I drink regular coke and dr. pepper. Such a hard habit to break.

  3. I do number 4 too! Then after a few hours I forget about everything in the cart (shows how much I really wanted those items, right?) until I get an email from the store reminding me that my cart is still full.

  4. YOU DON'T LIKE COFFEE?! How do you survive?!

    Also, I saw the link up announcement on Twitter, which is how I ended up linking up. Otherwise, I'm usually the last one to the party too!

  5. Oh gosh I used to be obsessed with wedding shows until I got engaged/married. For some reason the second a ring was on my finger those shows became less entertaining and more stressful haha! Now, I have such an apathy towards all things bridal which is just sad. I'm totally guilty of all the pictures all the time of all the pets hah!

  6. LOL I do #4 all damn day, super guilty of filling ish up and closing the damn thing! Sometimes I justify things and buy one of the items either way ish happens :) Love the photo of your cat!! I had one that looks JUST like him and I'm getting another replica in December, lol. Ugh that stuff about Pinterest is soooo true - I am never going to cook half the ish I pin!! Happy Hump Day LoLo! -Iva

  7. I do! I go back and read them!! see! and diet coke, it's the ultimate!

  8. Diet Coke is my drink too. I also don't like coffee so it's how I get my caffeine and how I stay nice.

  9. Me! I'm the one that goes back and looks to see who linked up after me.

    Because blogging is MY guiltiest pleasure too!

  10. i feel the same up,I always tend to find new,neat link ups a day or two "late"! same with cool blog swaps!

    love these guilty pleasures!

  11. haha omg I love bad wedding shows. Somehow, they're better than regular reality tv.

  12. I love diet coke too! I'd drink diet coke in the morning instead of coffee if my co-workers wouldn't judge me so harshly for it! haha!

  13. Yes to all of these!!! Well except the Coke....I am a sweet tea girl!