September 23, 2014

Color Blocked | The Creative Closet

Is it too late in the season to wear bright colors? I think not. Not ever.

Today's prompt for the Creative Closet was color blocking. It was something I have never done before - usually I'm the type to do a pop of color with neutrals. However, that is what the Creative Closet is all about, trying something you wouldn't have before, right out of your own closet.

Senior picture anyone? Pretty sure I have one that looks exactly like this...
I'll be honest, I mulled over this prompt for weeks.  I Pinterested it. I Googled it. I went through options in my head over and over. I tried on 3 different combinations. Finally I arrived at this.

I bought these bright green pants for Saint Patrick's Day. They were perfect with a flowy black top and black boots, but I haven't really worn them since.

Green Crop Pants : JC Penney | Blue Boatneck Top : American Eagle (old) | Belt : Target | Shoes : T.J. Maxx | Necklace : Our World Boutique

They were the perfect thing for color blocking! I added a solid blue top and ta-da, color block perfection.

Plus it was the perfect outfit to wear these shoes with. I mean LOOK at these wedges.

The Creative Closet

What's your dose of color on this early fall Tuesday? Are you a fan of color blocking? 

Thanks as always to Jana and Maegan for the link up! Join in for the Creative Closet every Tuesday. Next week I will be co-hosing for Maxi Moment!!!


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  1. Oh my gosh! The green pants. I need those! I'm in love! What a perfect fun and casual outfit! Super cute!

  2. Sooo in love with your pants! I have been dreaming about a pair just like those! Such an adorable outfit!

  3. Those green pants are amazing!! I'm glad you pushed out of your comfort zone because the outfit turned out awesome!

  4. That outfit is adorable! I love those colors together and the shoes are perfect!

  5. Those color together are perfect! I love it. I'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone with this one–you totally rocked it! :)

  6. oh my god I love those pants. I have a pair of bright green skinny jeans that I'm ALWAYS making excuses to wear. too cute!!

  7. Ooh I really love those colors together. I don't have a lot of green in my closet...I need to fix that. Especially those wedges, they're so fun!!

  8. Those trousers are such a fab color - and those shoes!! The colors and the stripes, love!