September 12, 2014

The Comeback Kings | 5 Things

I'm the type of person that goes through "fads." Just me personally. Sometimes they follow the trend, sometimes they don't.

But I'm also the person that over-does these personal fads to the point of over-saturation, resulting in a break-up with said fad. For example for a long time I was very into avocados. Then I went 6+ months without eating one because I was just over it. Just like that.

Every once in a while those tendencies or loves re-emerge though, and it's like re-discovering your favorite song from 5 years ago. It's like a long lost friend came back to hang out for a bit... Yeah it's that good. 

So here are my 5 things this week. Things that were fads in my life, disappeared for a while and are now making a slow and steady comeback in the life of Lolo.

1. Reading. 
I love to read but usually in my life it comes and goes. Right now I'm all about it. I drove around to 3 different libraries (yes I still use a library!!!) to find the next Harry Potter book in the series. I chose to re-read that series to get me back into reading because I knew it would hold my attention long enough to regain that love and spark for reading.

2. Cottage Cheese.
My love for cheese is real y'all. I've recently gotten back into cottage cheese everything. With fruit? Yup. Scrambled with my eggs? Yes please! (No really, it's the best ever and you should try it). It is such a protein packed, healthy, versatile food. And it's cheese. Win win.

3. Purple shimmer eyeshadow.
This one is more out of necessity because my other two go-to eyeshadows are out. But then I put it on again and wow -why have I not been using this? It makes that little bit of green come out in my brown eyes. It's color but neutral enough to wear every day. And it sparkles. Love. You can find my fav purple shimmer shade here.
I use the pinky-purple on on the bottom left mostly, it's more purple in person!

4. Apples.
Ok are you completely weirded out by my randomness yet? Yes apples are back on my pretty much eat one every day list. Come on now, it keeps the doctor away right? Again I had a phase in time when I ate one almost every day. Then I gave them up cold turkey. Now I'm like "gimme all the apppppllless!"

5.  Pumpkin Everything.
Yeah I'll jump on that wagon. While I'm not ready to put up glitter pumpkins and fake leaves all over my house I will start enjoying my FAVORITE flavor. I have been to the coffee shop too many times the last two weeks. I need to just go buy some pumpkin syrup so I can make pumpkin chai's at home. It will be happening.

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Happy Friday lovers! Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I am the same way! I can't just like anything I must obsess over it until I hate it!

  2. pears with cottage cheese is my go to snack. I love it + it always holds me over until dinner!! also, I'm rereading HP too!!