September 16, 2014

Weekending | Put a Hat on it

Good morning lovelies. (please excuse the mess that is my backyard... I have more important things to do than yard work, like really bad fashion posts...)

I thought long and hard about the prompt for this week's Creative Closet post. You see, hats aren't usually my forte. Sure I could put on the one fedora I own, but to be honest - it wouldn't be "me."

The only time you will actually find me in a hat is when my hair is a mess, I haven't showered and I'm running around on a busy Sunday. 

So I had the thought - why can't that be my post? 

Sunday's are for comfort in my world. I spend most Sundays taking the dog to the park, running errands, cleaning my house and if I'm really lucky reading a book or watching some football.  While sometimes this means throwing on yoga pants and a T-shirt, most Sundays I do put a little effort in, mostly because I do go out in  public.
Sure, I still kind of look like a sloppy mess.. but you top it off with a cute hat (which I designed!) and you're ready to grab your re-usable grocery bags and head out the door.

You heard right, I DESIGNED this baseball cap for the fair I work at. They are pretty much standard uniform the week of the Fair when you are so disheveled from lack of sleep the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. Thus the need for cute hats...

Plus this sweater. You guys this is my favorite thing in my closet. I've been pining for cooler weather so I can bust it out. It is sooooo comfortable and of course cute. I love that you can wear it super casual like this, or I can throw a scarf and some boots on and dress it up a bit.

If I'm really lucky you probably find me in this outfit soaking up the last of the summer warmth in the back yard with a good book.

Hat: Canyon County Fair | Sweater: Vanity (2 years ago)  | Embroidered Jean Shorts: Eddie Bauer Outlet | Flip Flops: Old Navy

 Or checking on my persimmon tree. Yeah I have persimmons - anybody want some? 

This is my idea of a dream Sunday afternoon... a blanket, the newest issue of Simple Magazine, and of course Harry Potter. (And maybe a pumkin spice chai)

Tell me, what's your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon? A perfect lazy day Sunday outfit??

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  1. I love that sweater. I always look like a sloppy mess on the weekends. I usually opt for the visor. Somehow that makes it better.

  2. You pull off a baseball cap so well! I've always wished I could do that, I have a really small head so they look so strange. I think that's why dry shampoo has become my best friend - I have to do something on lazy Sunday's to cover up that mess!

  3. I love lazy days and comfortable outfits! You look fabulous in a baseball cap. And the lace detailing on your shirt is so cute. :)

  4. I love to wear hats! I think that some people pull them off so well... and I am not one of those people, but I love how they can change the vibe of your look in an instant.

  5. I love the outfit!! There is a really similar sweater at JcPenny right now! Its also really cool that you designed that hat!!

    Amanda - Life With Grace

  6. I am so with you on the lazy Sunday attire! Getting ready for the week in a comfy shirt and jeans is my thing. And if Harry potter gets thrown into the mix that's even better!

  7. True life = lazy day + a baseball cap! Thanks for keeping it real! Yet somehow you still look fabulous in your "lazy day" attire!

  8. Sleeping in - All I need is dark curtains and my comforter and nice temperature in the room. I'd be out for hours! Oh plus a fabulous brunch and mimosas! Have a great one LoLo! -Iva