September 8, 2014

What Mondays Are For...

If there's one thing you can always be sure of, it's that Monday will roll around again. No matter how hard we try to linger in the bliss and freedom the weekend brings, she's there waiting for us, prying us out of our warm beds on a cold dark morning and forcing us to take on another week.

Here's what my Monday is for...

... Reminiscing about the weekend and noting they go by too quickly
... Wondering what facial moisturizer with SPF I should buy (SERIOUSLY I NEED SUGGESTIONS)
... Enjoying that we have our space heaters on in the office because we had the floors shampooed and they need to dry out
... Wondering why I let the masseuse beat me up yesterday
... Feeling good about my hair, for once
... A maxi dress and a cardigan
... Wishing for fall and comfy sweaters
... Wanting to punch a wall after my Fantasy Football scores this weekend
... Excited for the carne asada in the crock pot at home for dinner
... Going over my grocery list in my head over and over
... A packed gym bag for my lunch break workout
... Missing my fur-babies
... Peeling from one last summer sunburn
... Thinking of Christmas gifts (already)
... Drinking lots of water, to help with above massage issues
... Planning my Creative Closet look for this week and hoping I have time to do photos tonight
... Salad in a jar for lunch
... A mobile deposited rent check
... Some work, you know, for good measure

What do you have going on this Monday?

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  1. Uhm, I'm sorry...carne asada in your crock pot!?! DO SHARE PLEASE! And yay for YOU loving your hair :) I love it!

  2. I'm so jealous of your carne asada- definitely saving the recipe! And I live by Aveeno's Positively Radiant daily moisturizer with SPF 15. It's light and works great!

  3. I have also been thinking of Christmas gifts! I'm ready to get it done so that I don't have to stress once it gets here!

  4. This is a fantastic post idea. Carne asada is delicious; my family had it for the 4th and it was SO good. Thinking of Christmas gifts already? Wow, you are on top of it girl! I hope you had a fantastic Monday :)

  5. mondays seriously come back around SO fast. and i always miss my furbabies too when i go back to work.

  6. I used to use the Aveeno moisturizer mentioned above when I had drier skin and I loved it! My Mum borrowed it from me one time and she's been hooked ever since haha. Question: what type of workout do you do during lunch?

  7. Lots of silly errands since I"m going to Vegas this Thursday - This Monday was a bit slow so it was good, slow days make for great office conversations. Also, got my nails fixed woot woot! Mondays definitely make you feel as though the weekend is short lived, the answer? A federal law that makes all weekends three-day weekends; NO MORE WORK ON FRIDAYS!!! Have a great one LoLo! -Iva