September 10, 2014

Confessions of a nothing-aholic

It’s sad because it’s true; the two things I’m an “aholic” of (alcohol and shopping) are both at a stand still right now in my life because of my 50 day Sober ‘till October challenge and my self-imposed spending freeze, because I’m poor and in debt.

So now that that sob story is out of the way let’s get down to business. Let's link up with Kathy because it's the cool thing to do.

Vodka and Soda
I confess…

: I stole something. The other day at Walmart I went through the self-check-out line. Everything was going swimmingly until I tried to scan the two nail polish bottles that I had picked out, both as gifts. I rubbed both those bad boys over the scanner a MILLION times. I wiggled and rubbed and tried everything I could to get it to scan. Finally, BEEEP, one went through. Repeat all of the above with the second bottle. I tried typing in the item number, I tried the top and bottom scanners, I did everything I could for 5+ minutes (on one bottle!!!) without it scanning. I was going to push the help button but the one staff lady at the self-check-out had been helping another customer and it looked like it would be a while. I was on my lunch break and out of time. I did the only thing left to do…dropped it in my bag and went on my way. I stole a $1.99 bottle of nail polish. I ain’t proud of it, but it happened. IT’S ITS OWN FAULT DAMNIT.

: All I want is bread. Noodles and cookies and BREAD. I have been doing pretty well with my healthy eating lately but the only result I have noticed so far is my undeniable craving for carbs. I WANT PIZZA. I want breadsticks and donuts and rolls. Gimme it all. 

: I almost called in to work for a neck ache. I seriously contemplated it Monday as my neck seemed to be broken. Ok, not really. I strained something in the left side of my neck and it hurts something awful. It’s fine just sitting up or standing, but if I turn my head or try to sit up once laying down or bent over, YOWZA it’s a stabbing pain. Good news is I got some straws and sucked it up. I made it to work and although the strain is still lingering, the neck seems to be doing better as of today.

: I get really bad ingrown hairs in the “areas” us ladies shave. They are big and painful and the worst part is that they LEAVE A SCAR. I get a dark purple/gray reminder of where the little bastard was and it’s not attractive. They look like dark dotted stretch marks or like cigarette burn leftovers down…well you can guess where… Sorry, TMI? Anyways I finally bought some cleanser to hopefully alleviate the situation. 

: I’ve taken a turn to the dark side. I’ve always been anti-coffee. I loved the idea of it, and the smell of it, but it has always made me gag and sick to my stomach. I haven’t really tried to force it down since high school and what do you know, my adult pallet must have kicked in. Because I kinda like it. Not like-LOVE it yet, but I might get there. I’d still pick a chai over coffee any day, but the fact that I have ordered a couple white chocolate mochas in the last month shocks the hell out of me.

:Speaking of coffee house drinks, I tried to order my first Pumpkin Spice chai of the year last week. I got it and it was hot and wonderful—but something was off. It tasted minty – is that supposed to happen? Then I realized there was just a “P” in the syrup spot and some jack ass gave me a PEPPERMINT chai instead of pumpkin spice. Seriously, how rude! So pumpkin spice anything has yet to be enjoyed by yours truly.

: Even though I am extremely excited for fall I don’t have one ounce of motivation to “organize, clean or decorate” like everyone else does. Sure I’ll pull out some pumpkins and fake leaves at some point but really I’m still recovering from the summer. Can you give me a minute to transition please? Everyone else being so productive and amped about the new season is giving me anxiety.

…AAAAAAANNNDDD that’s all I have for you this week. Happy Hump Day folks!

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  1. Dangit. Now I want pizza. And a chai. No joke though--neck cricks can feel like the end of the world. I had a god awful one a couple years ago and actually thought I'd be better off dying.

  2. I have been seriously craving the carbs lately and giving in. I had a blueberry bagel today. Booo... I have no will power!!!

  3. Girl, you better decorate for Halloween! It's the best excuse to eat candy you wouldn't otherwise buy. And that's only ok if you decorate. And the nail polish stole itself is what I read. Just saying.

  4. You're well on your way to becoming a coffee-aholic!

  5. Loved your confessions. Now all I want is pizza and pumpkin spice chai latte. I guess I know what I'll be doing this afternoon :)

  6. I'm also an addict so don't be down on yourself, how do you feel having removed yourself from both sources? LOL I know a thing or two about ingrown hairs and they get o my nerves. Like no one's business.. That's why I hardly shave - I trim and my bf can deal. Suck it. I LIVE off coffee -it's my lifeline because I"m tired all the time and there's nothing else that can save me except lateness, I am a night owl. Hope you have a great weekend LoLo! -Iva

  7. I have been wanting all the carbs too! I had a healthy breakfast, giant salad lunch and I went to target and bought Halloween Candy Skittles. I justify that it's only 60 calories and 13 carbs in 1 packet which isn't terrible. Now to only eat one bag.

  8. use a washcloth and exfoliate the area at least once or twice a week to keep ingrowns away. ouch; they hurt!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  9. I don't know why all of your confessions were so funny to me this week, but I'm over here on the east coast dyinggggg. I stole a leggo once on accident and was paranoid that the police were coming for me, for like a week. I feel your pain (literally) on the ahem..shaving part. we'll leave that at that. I'm all about some autumn though, so I'm gonna need you and the rest of the summer folks to get on the fall train! Also please reccommend places to get good quality/cheaper boots since you're the shoe queen!!

  10. Here's a TMI for you, I have a skin condition where I get cysts in my "leg crack" (if that makes sense). I'd MUCH rather get ingrowns that I can take care of. These bitches have to be lanced and drained and its just nasty. Bodies are GROSS.
    Peppermint mochas are where it's at, but I'm not sure peppermint chai would be very delicious. I like my chai with vanilla.
    Fall makes me want to bundle up and do nothing.. except for decorate for halloween.. and christmas.

  11. Hey, keep a good eye on your neck. It may seem like a mere unwelcome stress at first, but those things tend to hide and mask far more worrying complications and damages. Better have that checked and put through therapy the soonest. Take care!

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol