October 9, 2014

Birthdays and that one Halloween

First off before I get into today's post, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby sister! Here's a fun costume #TBT to celebrate you turning the big 2-0! I can't believe it! Love you!

Ok now onto #blogtober14! Halloween is one of those holidays that is good, but not great in my life. I don't really have a stand out Halloween in my memory in the good sense so that leaves me with the alternative.

My Worst Halloween Ever:
**Please note, I only have one photo of this Halloween so I have added other years' photos, thus the different costumes, etc...**
It was my junior year of college. I was wearing my standard re-used costume. A black cat was my go-to because I could make it a little bit sexy and still cover up for the cold Moscow night.
That year Halloween was on a Friday. So naturally in a college town that meant you partied both Friday and Saturday for Halloween.

Here it is, the pre-shot of the night. These girls then left me for the bars...

It was Friday night and I got all done up in my costume to take on night 1 of Halloween 2008.
All most of my friends were already 21 and had fabulous plans for going out to the bars. Or at least I think.

You see, to be completely honest I don't remember a lot of this Halloween (night). I've debated on sharing some of my more embarrassing drunk stories on this blog but for the most part they are too painful and horrifying to admit. Yes, I was THAT GIRL a lot of college. And I'm not proud of it.

Halloween the year after graduation - in small town USA bar with my golf course co-workers

However this one is semi tame so I thought I could share. You can also read about a little drunken stunt I had in Switzerland over in Eurotrip Part 1.

Let's skip forward. I had A LOT to drink. I don't even remember what I was drinking that night, probably liquor. I had gone out with a bunch of girls the year younger than me in my sorority. I ended up at the frat house next door to ours (Fiji) and I somewhat remember throwing a crying/bawling fit about losing my tail. (Don't worry I did find it).

I made it to bed, still costumed clad.

My sophomore year my pledge class went as penguins!
Ok - not that bad of a story right? Well here's why it was the worst Halloween ever. I woke up the next day in the worst condition imaginable. 

No, I wasn't really hungover (I didn't get hangovers back then, seriously why can't that still be the case?), but I was immediately aware that my right eye would not open. It was swollen shut. It was puffy, crusty and pink. I was 99% sure right off the bat it was pink eye. Yuck.

Once I had a complete melt down over that, I got dressed (changed out of my costume) to go to Urgent Care to get the eye looked at. I did one last check in the mirror before leaving. 

That's when  I noticed it....

My front tooth had been chipped. A CHUNK of my front tooth was missing. How the? What the? FUUUUUUUUUCK ! I was mortified. I don't remember falling at any point. My lip/mouth area wasn't swollen at all, so that suggested it was probably a beer bottle or I had landed on just my tooth if that is even possible.

So there I was; Quasimodo eye and chipped front tooth heading to Urgent Care, alone, early Saturday morning before any of my friends were even awake.

I was sitting in the waiting room, trying to hide the liquor on my breath when yet another symptom seemed to crop up. That tickle I had had in my throat the day prior now was a raging sore throat and my nose was slowly starting to drip. Seriously???  I wanted to blame the sore throat on swallowing a tooth splinter, but obviously this was something else. I've never had an illness set in that fast (although it happened again to me a couple weekends ago).

Here is the costume recycled for senior year.
Urgent Care confirmed that I had pink eye and sent me out the door with a prescription for eye drops.

I spent my "Halloween" washing my sheets, throwing out all my make up and rubbing my nose raw with tissues as my cold hit full force (it would later turn into walking Pneumonia).

All my girlfriends got dolled up in their costumes again to go out again that night. I ordered myself a  pizza, ate the whole thing, and read a majority of The Host that day.

That night the sorority house was the quietest I had ever heard it. It was just me and my puffy eye, alone, regretting the pizza and wallowing in self pity.

Happy Halloween to me.

This was the last Halloween I celebrated, 2 years ago. I'll probably re-use the Corona costume this year.

Joining in for #blogtober day 9 with Helene and Tay!

Helene in Between Blogtober

Also, we're at less than a week to go for Sober 'Till October! I can't even believe it. Honestly I feel like these 44 days have blown by. You may have read in my weekend re-cap post that this past weekend was a little sucky due to my not drinking. I was left on my own in the theater while everyone else went up to the bar to drink. I am not even a BSU fan, but had gone just to spend time with my friends, instead I was the only one who watched the whole first half. It stunk. But the thing I realized Sunday morning as I looked at all my friends' SnapChats? I bet I felt A LOT better than they did on Sunday. Plus I got to watch some good football that night while they were "busy."

Next Wednesday night I will be in Tahoe. I fully plan to have a beer at Tahoe Mountain Brewing when we go there for dinner. I may, or may not, be counting down the days!!!

More to come on the overall experience when Blake and I  hit 50 days next Wednesday!

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  1. that story is sooo funny! We all have those nights that live in infamy :) One of mine is looking like something from the exorcist while projectile vomiting across three parking spots, yelling puke and rally and continuing. #classy

  2. Holy crap. I hate to giggle at your expense, but that was a seriously funny story. Oye. I cannot imagine how terrible that must have been... but it sure does put a hilarious picture in my head. I'm glad you apparently made it out alive.

  3. That sounds completely awful! But such a great story to tell later on in life and just laugh at it. Also, your penguin costumes are sooo cute!

  4. oh my gosh! haha that sounds awful. I admire that you can laugh at it now. chipping teeth is the WORST, ugh. at least your costume was cute :)

  5. OH MY GOOD LORD!!! how awful! that's borderline traumatizing! you poor thing. hopefully you can look back on it all and laugh now :)

    love your blog!

  6. What a rough night!!!! Not only pink eye and a chipped tooth but walking pneumonia too! That was just not your day

  7. Oh man, that sounds horrible. You couldn't catch a break that night could you? Hopefully you can look back on that night and laugh now though!