October 8, 2014

Confessions/ Naked Old Ladies

Happy Humpday world.

It’s that time once again to tell you all my weekly secrets and thoughts via Kathy’s awesome link up.

Vodka and Soda 
Here are my confessions…

There are way too many naked old ladies at my gym. BIG naked old ladies. Apparently I go at the old lady time of day (lunch hour) and it is their favorite time to change in the locker room. Now I’m not overly modest, I also change in the locker room, but I don’t strip completely down and sit around and chat. I guess when you are that age you are over being self-conscious? That’s all well and good but honestly I don’t want to see all that skin, on anyone. Obviously it takes them a while to dress/undress due to their elderly pace, but really, I can’t avert my eyes fast enough. It’s a whole lotta something not pleasant and it’s an everyday occurrence.  I can’t go one day to the gym without seeing one of the beached whales (sorry for the insensitivity) and it’s starting to wear on me. I might have to re-schedule my gym time.

Seeing naked, pale, overweight elderly ladies makes me really really scared to get old. Does anyone else have that fear? To get old and less mobile and feel yourself slowly deteriorate? Seriously it scares the shit out of me. I’m starting to get wrinkles already. Wrinkles. Mostly on my forehead and it’s like a sign that I’m aging out of control.

I lost the gift certificate I got for my birthday (March) for a gel manicure and a pedicure at a nice salon in town. I tore my house apart Sunday looking for it to no avail. I was distraught. In a final act of desperation I called the place hoping they kept some kind of record of gift certificates – and what do you know, they have it on file!!!! SCORE! My nails are going to be fab for the wedding next weekend.

Speaking of that nail appointment, it is scheduled next Monday. During work hours. Why? Because I realized the most wonderful thing yesterday -  it is a work holiday for me! BOOM BABY. Man I love the perks of working for the government.

I don’t think it’s a secret around the blog that I’m in a bit of credit card debt. I did some creative re-arranging of my assets and I am proud to announce that by the end of this week (or even this day) I will be completely credit card debt free. WAHOOOOO!!! The bad part about all this? Now I want to spend and feel like I have the flexibility to do so. I’m trying to push that thought out of my mind. I’ve taken my cards out of my purse and they are living in my bathroom drawer until the urge passes.  But let’s be honest, they will be resurfacing for my trip so I that hole will start digging itself again.

They have started calling me a “short timer” at work. It’s the term we throw around when you don’t come to work much and seem completely distracted by upcoming events.  This is my last full week and then I ONLY work Tuesday next week (see Monday off above) and then it’s sayonara suckers – vacation and wedding time!

I haven’t decided yet whether or not I am going to be a good blogger while on my week and half long trip. All evidence lends itself to a no on that one. We shall see. Maybe I can get some pre-written posts done prior and shock myself you all! On that note, would anyone like to be a guest blogger between October 15th and 24th? Let me know!!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Keep your eyes averted from naked old ladies and go link up!

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  1. YAY for the nail salon keeping it on file. That's awesome that they do that (and hella cool for you)! You can do what you want with your finances, but I swear the moment I got out of CC debt I felt the same way you did--wanting to spend again. But i haven't. It's been a huge sacrifice of course but i wouldn't recommend digging that hole again :)

  2. Oh man! How lucky that the salon kept the record!!
    Boo for old, naked ladies. :-/ Bleh.
    Staying ahead of your finances can be tough, but it's so important. I frequently feel the need to "spend" after just paying my bills off. It's hard to say no, but once I do, I feel so much better.
    I really wanted to buy a new dress because I had a coupon, but we really needed to cut back. I'm putting myself on a "no-spend" October goal. Not super strict, but strict enough to where I don't buy a lot of extras. That's a surefire way to keep my spending in check.

  3. Good news about the nail certificate! Hahaha in a way, it makes me happy that the old ladies feel comfortable being naked. It's clearly not pleasant for others, though, haha. CONGRATS on the credit card debt! I just barely paid off all of mine and it's such a good feeling. I might be interested in doing a guest post sometime while you are gone, if you'll have me! Let me know :)

  4. OMG old ladies at the gym...I swear they are like the most free about being naked. They are always fully naked at the gym and don't care at all. And there I am being all modest and covering up as much as possible.

  5. nakey old ladies freak me out too! I swear it's like a badge of honor to run around with your old beaver out at the gym. I just can't take it.

  6. dude congrats on the credit card debt! also good for you for going back to the gym after your first naked old lady experience. I probably would have never gone back!

  7. I used to see some of that at Lifetime and I hated it and I am not a prude at all but... I don't need to see you blow drying your hair naked for God's sake. Ewwwww

  8. I want to be a permanent short timer and get paid as a full timer, wouldn't that be amazing! Dont spend on your credit card! don't do it! :)

  9. I totally understand the credit card struggle! I never used mine and then went a tiny bit crazy. I'm slowly paying it down and I can't wait until I see a $0 balance... But I know once I see that, that it means clean slate to start over. Must. Resist.

    Southern Belle Secrets