October 21, 2014

Bloody Mary's and Criminal Minds

Hello everyone! I'm somewhere experiencing the beauty of the west coast, most likely Crater Lake today! So, in my absence, I have someone AWESOME to keep you entertained.
Meet Lauren, from Genuinely Lauren!

Take it away girl!
1. Why did you start a blog and what is your blog about?
Well, I originally started this little space my junior year of college call Orange and Bows. And then I only posted like a few times and people made fun of me for writing about everything to everyone. So I stopped because school took over my life and started listening to the commentators. BIG mistake. I started back up when I moved to Florida with my husband, documenting all of the happenings in my new life with my super handsome husband. Also gave her a new name too! Felt it was necessary. You can find a little bit of everything in this space: my DIY projects for decorating our space, my attempts at trying to make a homemade meal, and our little adventures.


2. Besides blogging, what are some of your other hobbies? What can we find you doing on a Saturday night?
I love crafting! Love, love, love it. I need a room in my future home where I can create all of my crafts. I also love lounging by my pool reading too. The tan doesn't hurt. On Saturdays in our house we spend it on our super comfy couch watching college football. (Oh man, I wish I had the option to lay by the pool. Good thing college football watching is good in any climate!)

3. If you could only shop at one store the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Does Micheal's or Hobby Lobby count? Kidding! I would have to say Kohls. You can always find good, quality clothes at Kohls. And at a discount too! (Hobby Lobby gets me every time!)

4. You and I are on a blate (finally!) what is your drink of choice?
Yes! Super excited! I thought you would never ask :) haha. I would get a Bloody Mary. I love bloody mary's. And they have to be good ones too. (That's right - with BACON and lots of veggies, with a nice spicy kick!)


5. I'm an avid Harry Potter Fan (I'm watching The Prisoner of Azkaban as I write these questions) are you a FAN GIRL of anything?
Criminal Minds all the way. I heart Dr. Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan with all of my soul. And Chipotle too :) (We can definely agree on the Chipotle, crime shows, not so much...)

6. What advice would you have for a blogger who is just starting out?
Just to be yourself. Write as if you're talking to your best friend. Who knows, you just make a best bloggy friend while you're at it! (Yes, Laura I'm talking to you :) ). And while you're at it, don't care what other people are saying about you blogging! It's your space and you can write about whatever you're little heart pleases. (Aw what a sweetheart! Seriously making blog friends is the best, and I totally agree - your blog should be all you!)

7. What three words would you use to describe your blog?
Friendly, Funny (well, I think I am anyways), Photo heavy. I always use pictures and a lot of them. (I'll vouch for the funny, I love reading your blog and it's always good for a laugh or at least brightening my day!)
Isn't she awesome? A girl after my own heart with a Bloody Mary in hand! Be sure to  check out her blog and give her some love!
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  1. I think I finally met someone who loves Dr Reid and Derek Morgan as much as me!!!!