October 22, 2014

Things That Tick Me Off

I'm back with more #blogtober14 for you! Today's prompt is pet peeves. Something I can easily discuss because I have a lot of them!

So while I'm in Bend, Oregon exploring 19+ breweries on my last full day of vacation, please enjoy the long list of things you can do to really tick me off:

+ Follow too closely in your car/ a.k.a. tailgate me.
+ Go through your ridiculous coupon stash at the register while 8 people wait behind you with their groceries.
+ Plan something with me and then bail at the last minute.
+ Show up late. Period.
+ Get done up to go to the gym. If you have a push up bra on, or did your make up just to be here, I hate you.
+ Not clean up your dog's poop at the dog park.
+ Speed up when I try and pass you.
+ Not use your blinker.
+ SnapChat me something completely uninteresting.
+ Text me after 10 PM. I have a bed time people.
+ Go through the express check out lane when you have more than 20 items.
+ Wear Uggs with a mini skirt or shorts.
+ Don't dress your kid appropriately for cold/hot temps.
+ Let your kid have a tantrum in a public place.
+ Wear leggings as pants. If your top/tunic/sweater isn't at least covering half your ass, leggings aren't appropriate.
+ Bike in the middle of the roa.d.
+ Keep your Christmas lights up past Valentine's Day
+ Put something on my sandwich/salad/burger I asked to have without (tomato).
+ Not accelerate to the full speed limit while on the acceleration ramp.
+ Pay for your groceries with food stamps (my tax $$) with freshly done acrylic manicured nails, the newest iPhone and a designer handbag (really, I've seen it).
+ Smoke at a public event.
+ Push your religion/political or beliefs on me.

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  1. Oh girl. I can agree with so many of these.

    Also... I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear all about your brewery tours!!!

  2. The Uggs with the shorts or mini skirt is the worst thing. I'm so glad someone else feels that way. It's a complete contradiction. It's almost up there with the jeans, sweatshirt, scarf...and flip flops. Stop it.

    ps. I nominated you for a blog award :)


  3. My friend bought these blue uggs with bows that she was obsessed with. Then suddenly had to move to Cali. And now wears them with skirts and I make fun of her every. single. time. She looks like an idiot. She knows it too, but she can't part with them.

  4. Basically, everyone in line at the checkout is pissing me off one way or another. ;)

  5. Lol agree on a ton of these - I esp hate tailgating, HATE IT! i agree if you have make up on at the gym, and I see it all the time, you're not there for the right reasons - get it together! Uy the pushy religion/politics is another topic of conversation, this is my mother erry'time I talk to her and it ticks me off BIG time! Have a great last day of vacation Lolo! Have a safe trip home -Iva