October 29, 2014

Hallow’s Eve Confessions

Happy Halloween Week!!

This hasn’t been all that thrilling of a Halloween week really. I did get some decent pumpkins from the grocery store. They probably won’t get carved. I haven’t bought any kind of candy or made Halloween treats. I probably won't. Basically it has been an epic fail on the spirited end of things. I do plan to dress up and I did get Gunner the best costume ever last night, so there’s that.

But really, let me get to what you’re all here for – confessions. Here’s my spill for the week and I’m linking up with Kathy because, well, that’s “how we do!”

// I’m still not ready to do any kind of recap of my vacation. I’m just too overwhelmed. Do I break it into several posts? What do I highlight? What photos should I share? It’s too much for my post vacation brain to handle. It will happen, just not sure when. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe a month from now.

// The BF is traveling this weekend and I’m kind of excited about it. Now that we no longer have a roommate that means I truly have the weekend to myself, well myself and our pets. I can do whatever whenever and I’m pretty pumped. Plus, Halloween can be a free for all girls night for me – no worrying about a couple costume, or if the BF is going to dress up, or if he even wants to go out. I can just do my thing. The icing on the cake is eating. For some reason I get way more excited to meal plan just for myself than for the two of us. For sure going to eat a lot of his non-favorites while he’s gone and up the healthy value a bit!!!

// I’m going sexy for Halloween. I have NEVER really done the sexy thing for Halloween. Other than showing  a little cleavage I usually go more for easy/humorous for costumes. This year as part of my girls night Halloween Extravaganza I have convinced myself I need to at least try and meet the group theme/guidelines. To be honest I didn’t want to dress up at all, but now as it approaches I am getting more and more excited. Not so much for the corset or the fishnets, but I will suck it up ( or in, literally) in the name of an epic girls night!

Wrong holiday here, but you get the point...
//Last night, Gunner looked a little puffed up around his stomach and I was worried. I put a hand on either side of him to put some pressure on the bloat to see if something was wrong. And RRRIPPPP he let out a big ass fart as I pushed on his belly. It was hilarious. He’s fine. Damn dog.

WHAT WAS THAT?! Who tooted?
// Speaking of Gunner, on Sunday he had a play date and it ended up pouring rain on them as they played in the yard. He rolled around in grass and mud for two hours straight. Naturally he needed a bath that night. Instead of my usual put him in the shower move, I did it in our guest bath tub. Let’s just say by the end of it, EVERY INCH of that bathroom had been splattered in mud. Oh and then I didn’t clean it up. I just wiped up the floor with the towels and left it all there. Still there…

// Ted is an asshole. I honestly don’t think I have ever hated one of my own pets so much. He has ruined sleep for me ever since we got back. He also chewed threw the plastic wrap over banana bread I had and ate the corner of it.  AND he had an episode with the T-shirt I bought my dad as a souvenir. He tore a bunch of holes in it, the little bastard! Basically if I don’t drop kick him in the next week I’ll be surprised.

Look at that smug ass face as he curls up in my lap purring...
Ok well now it’s back to trying to do this real world crap. And figuring out the details for my costume.

What do you have going on this Halloween Week?!! Come confess. Or else it will haunt you! Mwuahahahahahahahaha

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  1. OMG the dog farting!! I'd die laughing. I'm sure you were both amused and relieved haha!

  2. Recapping vacations is SO HARD! Which is exactly the reason why I still haven't recapped my trip to Texas in May or Vegas in July. Whooops... haha. I hope you fair better than I did because I want to hear all about it1

  3. I DIED at Gunner tooting. TOO funny. our dogs make that same face when they poot too. good luck with your Halloween costume. I am woefully unprepared in the costume department, whoooops

  4. My cat can be an asshole too. He likes to trip me when I'm walking. Drives me insane.