October 30, 2014

Ah, what the heck - ABOUT ME

Apparently it's About Me day over at the good ole #blogtober14 party! Remember that link up I sometimes have participated in? I failed miserably at the everyday account, but I blame vacation...

When I saw a bunch of my other fav bloggers doing "facts about me" posts, naturally I thought, what the heck, might as well...

Because what is easier than writing about yourself? Nothing really. Except maybe drinking mimosas.

So here are some rando facts about yours truly... sorry for the TMI in advance.

:: I have a peeing problem. A problem in that I need to go ALL THE TIME. I attribute it to being really hydrated all the time, but the BF thinks I have a condition or something. I rarely ever make it through a movie. I DID make two 4 hours stretches on our road trip though so personal record there.

:: Even though I "go" all the time I am the world's fastest pee-er. Really. Ask any one of my friends.

:: I love chocolate but don't like chocolate flavored things. Chocolate cake or ice cream? Nah, I'd rather have vanilla. If you put it in my face though I probably would still have a bite...or two... or ten.

:: My right hand pinky is dysfunctional. I cannot lift it up separately of the other fingers. So I can't do the "rock on" sign  or "I love you" symbol with that hand. When I played catcher it was an issue because I couldn't give correct pitching signs. Left hand is fine. 

:: My boyfriend and I went to rival colleges. Sometimes it's an issue.

:: I'm not a wine person. I spent almost a week in the Napa area and didn't stop at a single vineyard and only had one glass of wine, which I put Coke in. It's called a Kalimotxo and it's a real thing.

:: Last night I ran my face into a door. Not really a fact about me, but I felt with my fat lip this morning I needed to share.

:: I play frisbee with my dog every morning, and he is probably my favorite person in the world. Yes he's a person to me.

For more about this weirdo check out this post.

Tell me about you!!!? And then link up with  Helene and Taylor. K thanks, bye.

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  1. I would challenge you for the title of world's fastest pee-er... I can't imagine dating a rival though, my roommate went to Bama + is a Gators fan + we juuuuust barely get along during football season..

  2. I love random facts posts... I need to finish mine cause Ima slacker:)

  3. Coke in wine?! Shut the front door. That's crazy... but I'd totally try it.

    You're awesome Laura!

  4. I've never heard someone not like chocolate flavored things but still like chocolate. Weiirddd.

  5. I really thought I was the fastest pee-r in the world. Seriuosly, I go in, get it done and get out. It's probably because of my super-hydration. :)

  6. ouch on the door and how do you not like wine?!

  7. Reading this makes me want to pour coke into my wine just to see what it tastes like. Does it matter what kind of wine? What's the ratio? Tell me more.

  8. I absolutely have a peeing problem too..omg it's such an issue. A bladder the size of a pea! & I'm not a wine person either!! Finally, someone else! & I definitely need to know more about the coke in the wine situation because coke gives me life.