October 31, 2014

Happy Bark-o-Ween!

Happy Halloween friends!
Since my actual post today had nothing to do with Halloween, I felt obligated to do another.
Mostly to show you the CUTEST football player of all time, Gunner the Wide Receiver Retriever!
I spotted this "wide retriever" costume back at the beginning of the month (Target) and had to have it because duh, I have a golden retriever. 
But I was a good little girl and waited all the way till this week for it to go on sale. $3.50. Yeah buddy.
Throw on some eye black and this stud is ready for action!
He never misses a ball!!!!
Oh and Ted didn't miss out on the costume thing either, he's Shark Bait...

I will be sharing MY costume tonight as we head to Frightened Felons at our old haunted penitentiary. Make sure you follow on Instagram!
Be safe. Eat some chocolate. Get your spooky on!
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  1. Such cute animals! Now i can't wait to give my doggy a big hug! :)

    Aniqa Dreams

  2. OMG. TOO cute! Animal costumes are basically the best thing on Halloween next to getting candy and pumpkin scented anything.

  3. Haha. Love the 'Wide Retriever' jersey. That would be perfect for our golden retriever! She really is a 'wide' too! The girls got hips.

  4. That is SOOOO cute - Your retriever looks absolutely precious in that costume :) Can't wait to see yours! I don't have Insta and don't plan to join that fever, it's too much! Have a great one LoLo! -Iva