November 19, 2014

Fa la la la Liebster

I know, I know, I’ve done the Liebster before, but you can’t just not go along with it when you get nominated! Plus there’s a twist… and you will like it.

Thank you so much to Ali of Ali Rose for the nomination. I cannot put into words how much I loved that your “facts about me” were all Christmas related! I. Can’t. Even.  

What I can do is copy you, because it’s that time of year and it will help me pick different facts from the last time I was nominated.

So the usual Liebster things apply…
- Link back to the blog who nominated you.
- Answer all of their questions.
- Write 11 facts about yourself (XMAS RELATED!)
- Link 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and tell them you've nominated them.
- Ask 11 facts for the blogs you nominate to answer.

  1. I have never missed a Christmas eve at my Aunt’s house in Emmett, Idaho. This year will be the 26th of that tradition. It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s that drive that lets me know it truly is Christmas.
  2. Every year Santa visits my Aunt’s house on his way around the world during Christmas Eve. “Santa” has been a tradition passed down in my family and is now, to my extreme enjoyment, my dad. He does a great job for my little cousins (and us). 
  3. For Christmas Eve dinner we always have soups. Well…lots of appetizers and then soup if you can still fit it in your stuffed belly. Christmas day we always have quiche for breakfast. Those are our two “traditional” Christmas meals.

  4. When I was a kid I used to get so excited/nervous for Christmas that I would get sick to my stomach. I used to sit and look out the windows trying to see Rudolph’s nose as we waited for Santa to come to my Aunt’s house, no matter how sick I felt, and then that illness would just mysteriously vanish once he arrived.
  5. I prefer a real Christmas tree. THEY SMELL SO GOOOOOOD.
    And they're bushier!
  6. I DO NOT indulge in Christmas music or put up decorations until after Thanksgiving. I can’t cheat on Thanksgiving like that and just let it feel unimportant…
  7. Both my dog and my cat will have stockings, and they will be filled by Santa.
  8. At my sorority we used to go door to door to the Fraternities singing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You as our “serenade” to ask dates to our winter dance.
  9. We had the best Ugly Sweater Party of the season last year, and I like to brag about it. 

  10. My favorite Christmas song is The Christmas Song (haha, see what I did there) or you may know it as Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, preferably the Nat King Cole version!
  11. Christmas Day is always sad to me. There is so much build up and then it all comes to a close in one-two days. It's over, just like that. My heart breaks a little bit every year when it’s over.

Okay, for nominations I'm going to steal something from Lauren, because it was just too perfect - 

"Now, I'm going to be like Oprah and nominate everyone! You get a nomination! You get a nomination! Everyone gets a nomination!"  

So yeah, that's you. YOU ARE NOMINATED.  Here are your questions.
1. If you had to be in the extreme - do you prefer hot or cold weather?
2. Who is your favorite (s) blogger and why?
3. You're at Bath and Body Works - what's your go-to scent?
4. You're home alone and it's a movie night - what is your guilty pleasure (could watch it a million times movie? Mine's Pitch Perfect, since I know you are wondering.
5. Not everyone is a good cook, but everyone is good at making something in the kitchen - what's your specialty?
6. Pick your poison - what's your alcoholic beverage of choice?
7. What's your favorite Musical? If you don't like musicals we can't be friends...
8. Do you have a lucky/favorite number? What is it and why?
9. Dogs? Cats? both? What's your pet status?
10. What is the best thing you ever got for Christmas?
11. What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?

Whooofta... Ok and here are my answers to Ali's questions:

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Meeting people!
2. What is your favorite thing to cook? Guacamole/Poolside Dip - I'm famous for both
3. What are your holiday essentials? Real garland and TONS of lights and glitter, duh.
4. If you could go anywhere, right now, where would you go?
New Zealand to sit on the beach and explore the beautiful country/Lord of the Rings set
5. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Art/PE
6. What is your favorite holiday memory and/or tradition? That "Santa" comes on Christmas eve and we each take a turn sitting on his lap, especially now that my dad plays Santa for my little cousins!
7. What are some of your guilty pleasures? Pitch Perfect, Peanut M&M's, purses and shoes galore!
8. If you could pick another name for yourself what would it be? Uh.... McKenzie? haha that was right off the top of my head
9. If I handed you a $100 dollar bill what is the first thing you would buy? It would go in the bank sadly
10. Who is one of your favorite bloggers? All. I can't pick just one!
11. What is (or some of) your must have beauty essentials? Chapstick. Lot's and lots of chapstick.

Ok your turn!!! Thanks for sticking around if you made it this far. YOU ROCK AND I LOVE YOU!


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  1. That's my favorite Christmas song, too! Christmas is totally my favorite and it's always an exciting time around our house.
    I've totally decorated already. Sue me. :P We're just gone so much during the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) that if we didn't decorate for Christmas in November, we'd never get around to it and we'd never get to enjoy it. I still LOVE Thanksgiving!
    I also feel a little sad on Christmas day, especially after everything winds down. It's just over in a flash.

  2. Awesome congrats on another Liebster :) I love that song, definitely one of my faves for this time of year. I agree, real trees are better - that smell makes it worth the effort to get them in the house and out of the house, lol. Happy Hump Day LoLo! -Iva

  3. Hahaha love the shout out. I love that this is Christmas themed. Makes it a fun twist to all of the blog awards and "get to know you's" a little more interesting.

  4. I wait all year for Christmas only to feel super sad all day about the fact I have to wait another year for Christmas to come back again :( haha Also, I can NEVER sleep on Christmas Eve - way to much excitement, even at age 27! LOL