November 18, 2014

My life right now in #hashtags

Picked up my new ride last night #baller
Sorry for the blurry picture, my sales guy was not high-tech

Had my first (2) cup of potted coffee and I didn't hate it #imofficiallyold #converted #igetitnow

There's still snow on the ground and shitty icy roads here #overit

Resisting the urge to play Christmas music already #ObsessiveChristmasDisorder

I need a new rear-view mirror dangle, considering a Christmas ornament #itshappening #dontjudge  

Excited that I'll be south bound in less than 3 weeks #Vegas #IAFEconvention

I was in the local paper on Sunday #almostfamous #sorryimnotsorry #badassstatus

It's only Tuesday #FML 

It's 9* outside and that means it's been heating up #frostbitecountry #damnitscold

#hastag your day - what's going on???

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  1. cute new car! Is it a Taurus? Those are way nice!

  2. Hahaha I love this so much. And no, it's never too early for Christmas music - just let it happen.

  3. It's never too early for christmas! I'm playing Christmas music as we speak, hahaha. And I'm just "casually" buying more Christmas decor everytime I go out - it's not helping that stores are having sales too. I would totally hang a Christmas ornament on my mirror if I had a car! #ChristmasLover

  4. Love the new car.

    I have ObsessiveChristmasDisorder, too. Seriously. I've already started playing my favorite music, and my apartment is decorated. #sorrynotsorry

    Check you out, miss Fancy pants. You're famous.

  5. Cute new car!! I'm obsessed with Christmas too. I already wrapped a few presents :)

  6. #finallybloggingagain #imissyourblog #needtogetmyshittogether #lovethenewcar!!!

  7. i love this hashtag you day idea! sometimes i catch myself slipping a hashtag into everyday conversation. #oops.