December 1, 2014

Decembering & Remembering {November}

Here I am late to the game as usual. Sorry, the long weekend of overeating and relaxing really threw me off my blogging game. No shame here though. I’ll take 4 days off any chance I get!

As the usual terrible blogger I am, I didn’t take a lot of pictures this holiday weekend. Just a few of my pets. Weird.

It was a glorious 4 days though, filled with TWO Thanksgiving dinners (my family’s and James’ family), 5 AM Black Friday shopping, a Saturday full of good friends and a Sunday wishing I had done some of my chores the previous days of the long weekend.

The house is decorated (minus the tree) and several presents are purchased. This week’s attention will now be turned toward prepping for VEGAS!

But before we trudge full-fledged into the glorious, snowy, glittering month of December, here’s a little review of November via photos:

U of I vs BSU basketaball game with my family | MY NEW CAR! | Gunner enjoying the warm Thanksgiving wind in his hair | one of many fall walks in the leaves | 80s themed bachelorette | first holiday cup | Thanksgiving bloody mary and Macy's Holiday parade | my climbing kitty | Gunner in our first snow of the year  (9"!!!)

And to get into the holiday spirit, I was tagged by Terri at Crazy Thoughs  for some Christmas Questions!
  1. How is your Christmas shopping coming along? Slow and steady wins the race, about half way there 
  2. Who is the hardest person you have to buy for? The men in my life – the BF and my dad 
  3. What is your favorite Etsy shop? Have you guys seen Letters By Linds? I graduated high school with Lindsay and I have been pining over her prints! 
  4. Homemade or Store bought gifts? Mix of both. Friends I usually put together a small gift for myself. And due to budget this year homemade options are looking very appealing! 
  5. Best or most memorable gift you have ever received? The first Christmas we were dating James got me a great pea coat AND Brad Paisley tickets. These tickets were so close I literally had my elbows on the stage, and Brad Paisley knelt in front of me  - inches away!!! It was such a memorable concert and gift!

Alright who wants to join in and answer these Christmas questions? YOU’RE ALL TAGGED!

May your December be merry and bright! December 1st is showing snow here already (which sucks, but I'll get over it)!

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  1. Love it and your house looks SO PRETTY! I wish I could decorate this year but alas -- we are moving across the country again.

  2. Your decor looks so good. I have had the tree up since the day after Halloween :)

  3. awe obsessed with your cute golden!!! he's lovin' that snow in that picture hahah. i'm trying to convince my husband to get me a goldendoodle, but he's not having it ;)

  4. One day I'm going to steal your dog. Consider this a warning. ;)

    I'm totally loving your decorations, too. Beautiful and Magical.

  5. Woo Vegas! Let me know if you need some fun stuff to do! It's kinda my thing.