December 2, 2014

4 Tips for having Less Stress this Holiday Season

4 Tips for having Less Stress this holiday season

It’s the time of the year when schedules get overloaded, diets go out the window, and time to relax seems as real as a big guy in a red suit who comes down your chimney and gives you things for free.

For me, and I think for a lot of us, this means that stress levels run high around the holidays. This is  a tragedy because it should be the most wonderful time of the year!

Here are 4 of my personal tips for having a less stressful holiday season:

1. Plan Ahead – Ok, this is a given right? But if you have a week(s) full of parties, present deliveries, volunteering and work/gym/usual commitments you need to be prepared. Make sure to have gifts purchased in advance (as much as possible), keep hostess gifts handy (really all year long), and prep as many meals as possible to keep one more thing off(or on) your plate!

2. Amazon Prime – I was not compensated to say this. Amazon Prime is a LIFESAVER during the holidays. Not only for gifts but for anything, and I mean anything, you could need. It comes to your doorstep in two days, with free shipping. Don’t feel like leaving your house at all for holiday shopping? Have decorations, gifts, wrapping paper and even groceries delivered to your slipper-clad feet!

3. Learn to Say No – There is always so much going on this time of the year. Often time we let it overload us to the point that it is no longer enjoyable, but more of a burden. It’s ok to say no to things. No, really! If you can’t make it to every single ugly sweater party, or you can’t help your mom bake cookies, or you need to turn your gym buddy down one day, it’s OK. Life will go on. People will still love you. Do what you need to do for you. Prioritize what events and activities are most 
important to you and go to those, but don’t overload yourself.

4. Slow Down  - Take time to enjoy. Savor the moments. Sit by the fire. Drink hot cocoa. Decompress, relax, and enjoy the little things!

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  1. Girl, "No" and Amazon Prome are my best friends right now. Oct 25 was both our dad's birthday, Nov 20th was boo thangs, mine is Dec 13, my grandma's is Dec 23, Christmas and then my mom's birthday Dec 27th.... too much going on on! Too much! Oh, and Thanksgiving was somewhere in that mix.

  2. Awesome tips!! And I totally agree - Amazon Prime is top notch!

  3. learn to say no is my favorite activity this season. I love holiday parties as much as the next girl, but there are just some that I don't want to go to