December 22, 2014

The Best White Elephant Gift of All Time

Have you ever had one of those amazing weekends that leaves you exhausted but happy and looking forward to your short 2 day week? And you go to bed early Sunday night, floating in happy memories of all the fun you had that holiday weekend full of friends and merriment? 
Then you proceed to have the worst night of sleep (or lack there of) of your entire year, and get up in tears because you feel so miserable? Just me? Ok well that's where I'm at this Monday. 
I did however have a fabulous weekend until said sleepless night.
Friday I took off work to have my nails done, get the dog groomed and cook and clean for our ugly sweater party that night.
The party was a huge success!  We had 30+ friends roll in at various times throughout the night. Mass quantities of holiday cheer was consumed (or booze if you want to get technical). I also made a special drink for all the guests and it was AMAZING! 

Hot Apple Pie (I made a half batch):
 - 24 pack Angry Orchard
 - 1 handle (half gal) Fire Ball
 - 1 bottle Migillicuddy's Apple Pie Liqueur
I heated the mixture over the stove and put it in an insulated dispenser. Holiday bliss!

Although the photo booth did not get taken advantage of quite as much as I had hoped, I did get a few great shots.

Even Gunner was sporting a sweater before he went and rolled in the mud.
Then Saturday night, after a day of cleaning and recovering, we had another holiday gathering to attend. It was a White Elephant gift exchange, and I have to say, I HANDS DOWN won the best gift award this year.
Are you ready for this????
I give you the boobie mug. Complete with Milk Duds.
BEST WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EVER. Thanks to Dad who had it wrapped up in a closet for the last 30 years.
Sunday I did some last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping and then enjoyed a steak dinner at my parents' house.
Basically it was the perfect weekend until I tried to go to sleep last night.
 Three days till Christmas!!!!! (Trying to be optimistic here, can you tell?)

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  1. Hahaha... looks like the perfect white elephant gift!!! And that drink... yummm, sounds deadly!!!

  2. lol where would one even find one of those? hilarious/.