December 18, 2014

How to Throw an Epic Ugly Sweater Party

In case you aren’t aware – ugly sweater parties are the new “it” thing for the holiday season. I know shocking right?

I am hosting my second annual USP tomorrow night, the first of which was a huge success. It makes you feel pretty darn good when people starting asking you “are you having that Christmas party again?” starting in November. So the Second Annual Holiday Extravaganza has been in the works for over a month.

Exhibit A
When throwing an epic Ugly Sweater Party (USP) there are a few things that are absolutely necessary to make it a memorable night for everyone (although I know a few don’t remember last year if you know what I mean, see Exhibit A).

Let’s take it from the top:

ONE | SWEATER  - It may be a little obvious, but you need a kick ass sweater. These days, with USPs being such a fad, you can find them just about anywhere. I prefer the good ol’ thrift shop sweater – a classic Christmas mess. Add your own battery powered lights and you have a majestic unicorn of a sweater. I have two this year – for my party and one other.

TWO | PHOTO BOOTH - No USP is complete without a photo booth/photo station. Set it up in a room away from the main party, add some cheap wrapping paper and lights as background and voilà, a photo booth! Add silly Christmas props to top off the fun. You can leave a camera to capture the moments, or just have people use their cell phones. Take it a step farther and create a hashtag!!! I know – mind blown right?

THREE | PRIZES - In order to get your company excited and creative with their attire you need to offer prizes for the best sweater! Last year the party got a little crazy and I never actually awarded the winner. This year however I have prizes for the best dressed guy and gal! What’s more fun than a little competition eh?

FOUR | REFRESHMENTS – I set up my party as BYOB, with additional food and beverages to share as optional. If you are a more gracious host, load up on some holiday ales, champagne and spirits to get the party started. Last year I offered “Santa Shots.” They were extremely hard to pour to have them stay in pretty layers and they tasted a bit like straight peppermint, but hey, I tried! This year we might do hot Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack  Tennessee cider.

Santa Shot | Source
FIVE | GAMES – I highly recommend some form of entertainment at every party. What better way to laugh and enjoy each other’s company than some good ol’ Cards Against Humanity? They have Christmas Expansion packs to get you in the mood for the holiday season!!! Other card games/drinking games are also a hit. I recommend having plenty of seating! We always set up at least two tables for games.

Got to love CAH | Source
SIX | HOLIDAY ENVIRONMENT - Again, this may be fairly obvious, but the look and feel of your party location is important. I always put up additional lights, have some festive candles burning, and of course have music playing in the background. This is your excuse to go all out with your Christmas décor!

Make sure you have those six things and you are well on your way to being the USP host of the year! I can’t wait to share this year’s photos with you – assuming I survive another year!

Here’s to hoping all your holiday parties are  a hit this year!


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  1. I love the idea of a photo booth made from wrapping paper! That is so cheap and easy to do!

  2. photobooths are so clutch these days. I love it. also I love your sweaters!

  3. That sounds like so much fun!!! These folks make AWESOME ugly sweaters: I want one! I'll probably get some next year when they're cheaper for the holiday season next year haha rock it! :) Have a great one Lolo!-Iva

  4. Ok, not hosting a party but totally making Santa Shots!!! So pretty!!! Love your ideas:)