December 8, 2014

Why I Shouldn't be a Blogger

As a blogger do you ever realize you don't fit the mold? Or in my case ANY of the blogger molds?

I often scroll through my blog feed and compare (don't lie, we all do this) and I think to myself - DANG -  I'm not a "real time" blogger because I don't have or do XYZ...

I shouldn't be a blogger because...
...I'm not married. Or planning a wedding. Other than Pinterest of course.
...I'm not pregnant. Nor do I want to be anytime soon. Issue one needs to be addressed first.
...I don't have kids. See above.
...I don't have a military spouse, nor have I been in the military
...I'm not a teacher, nor am I overly fond of children
...I've never been a self proclaimed fashionista and I don't do well with fashion posts
...I don't take pictures of the food I cook or even write down my recipes
...I've never taken a photo for my blog other than on my phone, in a makeshift stand
...I haven't been on a life changing journey
...I am not a fitness junky nor have I lost a bunch of weight (though I tried a little)
...I don't travel to awesome music festivals or exotic places
...I don't craft or DIY regularly, and if I do I rarely document it
...I don't live in a big/cool city or have a fancy job
...Twitter is still foreign to me and I don't get it
...I don't know how to style my hair gorgeously 
...I couldn't do a makeup tutorial if my life depended on it
...I've never set foot in a Sephora or an Ulta

I mean really, how can I be blogger if I don't do any of these things? It's a wonder I have material at all.

Maybe I should get on that.

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  1. I love this! I'm married but that's about it haha

  2. Ha! I think this is what I love about blogging. Though there are definitely "trends" in the blogging community, you can just be YOU!

  3. Yeah there are some things that are pretty common in the blog world, but I think if you've got something to say, why not stick it someplace where people can read it? I like to read what you have to say!

  4. haha I NEVER remember to take pictures of my food even when I think to myself "oh I could totally blog this recipe!"

  5. I feel this way every single day.. and I planned my wedding while being a blogger and still there is nothing to show for it. fact.

  6. HAHAHAHA, I love this....but mainly because I am in the same boat! Love!

  7. LOL I love it. That's WHY I like your blog! I have to say, all of the above are true for me as well, except I have been to Ulta before, out of curiosity when it opened in my neighborhood. Too fancy.

  8. You're special to me!! I love reading your space and am so glad I found you :) Hope you're having fun in Vegas, love!

  9. Haha that is so funny. Blog for you and because you're awesome. Awesome people don't have to work as hard duh.

  10. i'm only a few of these things ha. but it does seem like most bloggers fall into many of these categories. trust me, remember - lots of people put out the fanciest/best version of themselves on their blogs!

  11. haha same! The only one I have going for me is that I do live in a big city and have a fancy job. But I rarely blog about those things, go figure!

  12. O.M.G. I am totally with you! I don't have kids, not married (although my bf & I plan to), not a fashionista, not a makeup-ista. I used to make fun of food pics but now I take 'em. Go figure.

  13. This is hilarious! The only blogger mold I fit into is I am pregnant. I'm not married, or a teacher. A couple times I tried to take outfit photos and I looked so awkward! Cracks me up. I do like to take photos of food I cook though.

    I just found you today via The Daily Tay btw ;)