December 5, 2014

Oh Hey Friday

Oh, hello there Friday. Nice to see you. HOLY CRAP IT'S FRIDAY?!

I realized that it's the Friday before I leave for a week long trip and I have done ZERO blog prep. 

Basically I'm screwed. So if I'm not around these parts next week, that's why. Whoopsie Daisy. 

Anywho - it is Friday so I thought I better get my 5 in. Too bad it's not 5 miles - ha like that would ever happen.

And I know Friday is supposed to be happy - but my 5 are complaints this week. Sorry!

1 | MUD
I live in a place classified as a desert steppe climate. Note the word desert. So why the heck has it rained for almost 3 days straight here? Ugh. I'm ok with a little rain, but NOT with the outcome = my dog, covered in mud, who then tracks mud throughout my house no matter how much I clean him off when he comes in. At this point I've just let it go. I'm just going to let it get real nasty and then mop all at once. But seriously - I don't know how much more I can take it!!!!

What in the world do you take to a convention for Fairs and Expos?! There will be everything there from business suits to boots and starched jeans. Unfortunately that spectrum makes it more difficult for me to choose rather than easier. Any suggestions?

3 | FOOD
I've been very, very bad with healthy eating ever since Thanksgiving. I've eaten out A LOT, not worried about what I was eating and even bought a bag of Oreos, for just me. Judge away, because I'm judging myself. I just figured I'm going to eat whatever I want while I'm in Vegas so why limit myself now?

Did I mention I was going to be gone all next week? Yep I did. And I only have one post written so far. One for that whole week. Plus I need to get stuff together for #hashtaghumpday which will come right smack dab in the middle of my conference on the day I'm presenting. Really not the best timing. But the link up must go on!!!! Why couldn't I have thought of this earlier this week?

I'm beyond excited to be going to convention in Las Vegas and to have a friend flying down to meet me after! However, traveling in the middle of December is really tough. It's been made even tougher by the fact that the BF has been out of town all this week. We have ONE day together and then I leave for a week. So two weeks of the holidays we're apart. Plus it puts a damper on scheduling parties, putting up a tree, getting gifts together, etc. Let's just say I'd pick a different month for convention if I could!

EEEEEeeeeekkk! Two days and then Vegas!

PS - I'm going to offer up some free guests post for next week for any takers! Comment below or email me STAT!

PPS - Sorry for two similar-ish posts this week. Life is cray, it's all I've got.

Happy Friday loves! Linking up for Friday goodness.

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  1. You said "fairs" now all I can think of are funnel cakes.

  2. VEGAS! packing is literally the worst. people keep asking me if I've packed for Europe already + I'm like "lol no. wut." haha. if you need any help with next week, lemme know!!

  3. Lol! Well prepared or not at least you are going to Vegas!! Take me with you?

  4. Have a great week in vegas! I would say go with dresses and riding boots, so that you are the perfect mix of business and causal.

  5. Hey, sometimes we need to complain a little bit. We're only human! I always hated the packing part about going somewhere. I almost always forget something! But once you're there you'll be thinking "why was I stressing out so much??" You'll have such a great time in Vegas! And if you need help with anything next week post wise, besides #HashtagHumpDay, I'm available to you!

  6. Yes, I seriously dislike packing. But I hate unpacking even more! That means the fun is over and I have to work instead of take a vaca from my vaca. I live in the desert too but we have rocks in our backyard so I am pretty lucky we don't have mud tracked through the house!

    Have fun in Vegas! It has been a while since I have been and I think it would be fun to go again but not quite like I used to go. That is when I could party all night and do it again the next day. Not so much now.

  7. I hope you have such an awesome time in Vegas!!

    Don't stress about being away from the blog--everything will hold up without you. ;)

    Oh man... MUD. I know that struggle well. Blah.

  8. Haha photos like that make me glad Hawkeye isn't much for the outdoors. She'll run and pee and race back in. When it's bad, we just use potty pads. No mud in this house!

  9. Lol at me obviously not being reliable since I ditched my blog for a month, plus I've never done a guest post (what in the hell do you write for a guest post?!?!) buuuuut if you're feelin desperate let me know! Have so much fun and I can't wait to hear about your trip!!!