January 12, 2015

15 things I should have been doing this weekend.

Does anyone else roll into Friday afternoon with big hopes of all they will accomplish over the weekend? And then lay in bed Sunday night overwhelmed with all of the things you did not get done? Well that's pretty much the story of every one of my weekends.
I had high hopes for this winter weekend. Here are all the things I should have done:
  1.  blogged
  2.  taken pictures for my blog
  3.  fixed my vacuum
  4.  vacuumed
  5.  cleaned the bathrooms
  6.  cleaned the kitchen
  7.  put away the remainder of my Christmas gifts
  8.  installed my new thermostat
  9.  set up my new FitBit
  10.  gone to the gym
  11.  washed my sheets or done laundry 
  12. organized/cleaned out my closet
  13. cleaned out my car
  14.  gone to the grocery store
  15.  meal prepped

But it was a great weekend nevertheless with date night at my favorite Japanese Steak House, getting my nails done, a brewery tour birthday party and a long relaxing recovery day Sunday. It looked a little like this:

How was your weekend?


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  1. Every. Single. Weekend. At least it looks like it was a fun weekend! :) I definitely just did a lot of sleeping...

  2. Baha my should have done list is always long too!! Glad the weekend was great anyway!


  3. I love this post, mostly because I am the exact same way! I always think about all the things I should do over the weekend, and then I never end up doing any of them. For example, organizing my closets and getting rid of things I don't need gas been on my list for the past 3 weekends!