January 9, 2015

My Favorite Gun....ner

Hello and happy Friday!

We made it through the first work week of the year [pat on back].

This week Blake did a post about her Bear and it was amazing. It made me realize I haven't featured my main man recently, so today he's my focus for Oh Hey Friday!

Brace yourself for photo heavy, dog mom gushing. You're welcome.


1 | Nothing puts your life into better perspective than a dog. Every simple pleasure in their life is the "best thing ever." A ball? A frisbee? A walk? A treat? A pet? It's about the most exciting thing to ever happen in Gunner's world everyday. Why aren't we like that? Appreciative and excited about the little things? I need to learn this lesson from my best furry friend.

2 | Friends come in the most unlikely packages. If you had asked me before we got Ted how a dreamed my kitty and my dog would act I couldn't have told you a story as good as the real thing. Best buds. They play, they cuddle, they explore, they pester each other, but really it's love. I'm so lucky we don't have to keep them separated or be concerned about either of their safety. Gunner being so gentle and open with Ted as a kitten has to be half of it. He's just a big ball of love, and I love him for it.

3 | Acceptance of that which you can't control is key to happiness. Gunner always looks glum when we are getting ready for work. He knows we are going to leave him for 8+ hours and yet he willingly takes that treat and goes off into the backyard without looking back when I leave. He accepts he can't keep us at home. And he trusts that we will return for him at the end of the day with a hug and a trip to the dog park. If I could accept that which I don't control and be grateful for what I do get (like his treat in the morning or us coming home) then my life would be so much fuller.

This is his sad face. Can you tell?

4 | Unconditional love is the best thing on the planet. Gunner loves his humans. He loves us so much so that he follows me around the house. He wants to be with me, on me, around me, kissing me at all times. I can tell in his smile and in his eyes that there is no where in the world he'd rather be (except maybe the dog park) than right there with me. He knows when I'm sad or sick or tired and comforts me. He knows when I'm happy or excited and celebrates with me. I want that kind of love and to be able to love like that.

This is how he sleeps with me.

And how he rides in the car

5 | Dogs are one of the best gifts on this earth. I couldn't be luckier to call one my own. They are also really, really good for a laugh. So let's end this post with that! Go HERE to watch the funniest thing you've seen in a while (PS I'm really sorry I couldn't find the original video to embed!) Oh and if you feel so inclined you can add me as FB friend... I don't have a blog Facebook page.

And with that happy Friday! Give your Fido some love today!

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  1. I swear to goodness he is the cutest ever! I have to admit, most of the time I talk to the boxers more than I do other humans. And I like to hang out with them more than I do humans. Some call that sad, I call it love.

  2. OMG how adorable!! My dog and cat never really got along. I hope when we get another kitten they will get along better, but I doubt it. Rosco is a hard one to love for a kitty.

  3. Sad puppy dog eyes are the worst - breaks my heart! I always feel terrible for leaving Krickit behind when I go to work but she gets to stay at home with 2 other dogs, a cat, and there is usually somewhere there for a few hours while I'm at work so she really doesn't have it that bad.

  4. SUCH A CUTE LITTLE FUR BABY. I love it! I also love the faces where they're snuggling, it's like "WHAT mom? we're just watching TV, okay? GOSH"

  5. OMG, I was squealing the whole time I read this!! My mom and step-dad moved out of state and brought the family dog/her dog and I'm dying without that unconditional love and adorableness around 24/7. Gunner is adorable and I love the love he has for his humans and Ted. So many lessons learned from pups.

  6. Seriously. SO. FREAKING. SWEET!

    I feel the same way about our dogs.

  7. This post is so sweet! I love that your dog and cat get along so well, those cuddles are the cutest!

  8. Aww this is such a sweet and cute post about Gunner :) They definitely love unconditionally. We'll get a dog later in life but for now my dick of a cat will do :) Have a great weekend LoLo!-Iva