January 30, 2015


So, turns out from about 10:30 AM on today I'm riding solo at work. All four of the other people I work with are not here - one is headed to Jackpot, one is sick, one is home with sick kids, and the last just left me for a few meetings and then is taking the rest of the day off.


It's not a big deal, I can totally hold down the fort.

Buuuuuttt.... don't count on a lot of work happening.

Friday + All Alone = ZERO motivation.

Here's what I'm doing instead:
  • turning on and up (blasting) my coworkers radio because mine sucks and is scratchy sounding
  • checking my phone
  • reading blogs
  • checking the fridge for edible items
  • refilling my water
  • sipping my water
  • scrolling Facebook
  • scowling at Bloglovin for not loading any of the posts I click on
  • checking blog/personal emails
  • returning to Facebook
  • Trivia Crack break
  • applying Candy Cane Chapstick
  • hitting Send/Recieve on my work emails, just in case
  • checking my phone
  • scrolling through Instagram
  • checking my drawer for edible items
  • checking blog/personal emails
  • freaking out because I heard a noise
  • reading blogs
  • taking a selfies for a lame blog post
  • writing a lame blog post
  • scrolling through Pinterest
  • fantasizing about Super Bowl food like Ashley's list
  • thinking about what I could get for lunch other than the lunch I brought
  • checking Wells Fargo.com to see if I can afford lunch
  • remembering my hair appointment tomorrow and deciding no on buying lunch
  • Facebook again
  • bathroom run
  • turn the radio up more
  • checking my phone
  • gathering that this is what the rest of my day looks like...

Definitely leaving early today or my head might explode.

Have a great Super Bowl weekend. If you do ONE THING this weekend, watch this: 

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  1. hahahahhahaha girl I am dying. This was so funny.

  2. Hahaha. I can't watch that video cuz I'm totally reading this during class. But you're just like me. On my way to work it's all.....OMG I have so much shit to do!!!!....at work it's...wonder what *insert blogger name here* posted about today. Do I have any emails? Uhoh, I haven't looked at Groopdealz in a while. I really need a new phone case...Amazon! Haha...look at those cute kittens!! For rizzle. P.S. Trivia Crack is my 'ish. I'm @crooksy532