February 3, 2015

My Morning #FreshStart Smoothie

Ever since I did my 28 Day Challenge in 2013, I have been morning smoothie fanatic. Specifically green smoothies because, duh, veggies you can't even taste? Yes please.

So when I heard about this particular VoxBox via Influenster I was basically shouting "oooh, oooooh, pick meee!!!" And when selected I was ecstatic to add some variety to my morning smoothie routine!

After a little confusion as to whether the Walmarts in Idaho carried Rader Farms products, I finally found this beauty in the frozen foods isle.
I opted for Rader Farms Fresh Start Fusion in Morning Vitality because the included sweet potatoes and carrots intrigued me. But I can't wait to try Daily Power Fusion (green apple, pineapple, kale, and broccoli) and Sunrise Refresh Fusion (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, kale, and spinach).

The directions were simple enough. Add the Morning Vitality mix, water, and then blend.

I made my very first video on how to, which you can see here (please no judging, I am not a videographer by any means....)

I'll be honest, on it's own, it's not incredible. It is definitely drinkable, but not overly flavorful. 

After some experimenting I decided the best way to enjoy my Fresh Start Fusion was with a frozen banana and a cup of fresh spinach. Then I get my greens too. With this combination it is seriously good, and seriously good for you!

Since I make smoothies so regularly I will definitely be buying more Rader Farms Fresh Start Fusion varieties and working them into my morning routine!

What's in your go-to smoothie??

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes**
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  1. wait. is that mango, nectarine, SWEET POTATO, + carrot? that seems like they were like "hey, what is orange? lets just put all of the frozen orange things we have in a bag!" I wish I could make myself wake up early enough to make breakfast smoothies though..