January 5, 2015

Mean Green 2015

Hi there, remember me?

Yeah, I'm that same girl who wrote that whiny-ass my life sucks new year's eve post. Just in case you were worried, my mood went waaaaayyyy up hill after that.

First my boss texted me to sleep in and come to work late since I would be there till late. Then I got the MOST DELICIOUS damn thing I've ever gotten from a coffee shop on my way in that day, a chai nog. Iced. Full fat and large size because it was the last day of the year and I said f*ck it.

Our new year's eve event went off without any major issues, I was home, in bed by 1:15 AM snuggled up with my pup, and I had 4 glorious days off to look forward to.

Most of it was spent like this....

Although cleaning up Christmas happened too. But that is sad and this is my happy post, so I'm not going to go too far into it.

Let's just say the PMS winds have shifted and I'm feeling better this week. I hope to get this blogity blog back on track, talk more about useful things and less about me, and get my life in order (or at least try).

So happy new year from yours truely!

SIDENOTE: sorry nothing green in this post - the title just came to me. I DID have a green smoothy for breakfast though so there's that... #startingoffstrong

Don't forget to stop in for #hashtaghumpday with me and Lauren this Wednesday! It will be the first hump party of 2015! (haha I said hump party)


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  1. Glad you're feeling more up. I get funky at times during the holidays too especially after Christmas is over. Cheers to getting all the things back on track this year!

  2. We all have off days. Glad your mood has turned up! Yay for 2015!!